Ron DeSantis applauds James "Mad Dog" Mattis Secretary of Defense pick

Mattis is best known for his "tough guy" image over four decades of military service, including a stint as the chief of U.S. Central Command until his retirement n 2013. "He's a strategic thinker and he also [has a] real passion for the care of the men and women in the US military and their families", Flournoy told NPR on November 21.

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  • Is Singles Day going global?

    Several brands are making their appearance for the first time on the Single's Day occasion this year, including Burberry, Target, Maserati, Apple, Guerlain. Singles Day is the largest retail shopping ...

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New Year's Six Bowl Games, CFP Schedule

New Year's Six Bowl Games, CFP Schedule

Badgers coach Paul Chryst said his team will have to shake off the disappointment of losing to Penn State in the Big Ten championship and called Western Michigan's rise "one of the stories of the ye...

Playoff Pairs: Alabama-Washington and Ohio State-Clemson

James Franklin is the head coach of the hottest team in college football, winning 9 straight games, including two victories over teams in the top ten, en route to winning the Big Ten Conference over ...

Kendall Jenner's Instagram Is Gone

While the reality star hasn't addressed the Instagram ghosting, fans are breathing a sigh of relief that her Twitter and Facebook accounts are up and running. Defending the shoot in her blog , the model later said: "It's so amusing that people are getting pregnant and married - or having insane drama - but my drama is ballerinas being upset at me!" Is this account run by Kendall Jenner and/or her people? Her absence from the website may only be temporary.

Cubs players revel in World Series victory parade

The New York Times did just that, and when that victory never came, it meant all its plans went out the window. Members of the Cubs stood on the upper level of red double-decker buses that were adorned with banners that read "World Series champions" and followed a police escort.

Americans are wearing safety pins to fight public hate

Be it women, people of color , Muslims, Mexicans or even white Americans, many Americans no longer feel safe in their own country. A safety pin might be a tiny token, but those who are wearing them say they simply want to signal support.
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