Bungie announces Destiny 2 with logo teasing destruction of The Last City

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'Destiny 2' Is Set On September 8 & Pre-launch Beta For PS4 Hits On June; Confirmed Features Revealed

29 March, 2017

Destiny 2 has officially been announced. The original Destiny gave players early beta access before it came out, and the above leaked poster seems to hint at an upcoming beta program. So we don't know right now what the Destiny 2 gameplay is going to look like and it hasn't even confirmed when the title is going to be released. We also know now that while you won't be able to transfer your progress from the first game, you will indeed be allowed to port your appearance.

Back in February, Activision teased the prospect of a sequel to 2013′ Destiny, but without going into much detail.

Destiny 2 is rumored to arrive this Fall, potentially September 8, 2017!

They haven't given out much in the way of details for the game, but there have been rumors that suggest a PC release might be on the pages as well.

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The image shared on Twitter last night (27 March) shows the logo over the Traveller, a mysterious giant orb that propelled humanity's journey through the stars and protects Earth's "Last City". That said, one thing about Destiny 2 won't be changing - PlayStation 4 owners will still get all the best goodies.

So far, there are no trailers or outside information outside of this image, including a release date or any available platforms. Some were disappointed when Bungie confirmed that no gear or items earned in the game or its subsequent expansions will be carried over to the sequel.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

After months of rumours and speculation Bungie has finally announced the sequel to its beloved multiplayer shooter. One important detail shown on the posters was a release date of September 8 for Destiny 2, but the release date in North America will likely be different. Bungie wrote about that as well, saying that character personalization will be transportable, but you'll have to have reached Level 20 and completed the Black Garden mission.

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