Trump shifts blame to conservatives on health care bill failure

Trump shifts blame to conservatives on health care bill failure
Trump shifts blame to conservatives on health care bill failure

27 March, 2017

He said that Democrats shouldn't be applauding this because America's health care system still requires some serious changes.

WASHINGTON ― The House Freedom Caucus proved Friday that they can not be run over by Donald Trump.

It is unclear if House Republicans can whip up the necessary votes to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA) Friday.

"We can either go bankrupt as a country or do the right thing", he said.

We borrowed the scale from the Conservative Review, which scores each member's voting record.

Move one way and you alienate the other.

You can see them in the chart below, representing virtually all of the dissent from the most conservative members of the party. And for an infrastructure bill to matter, it will have to include direct federal spending, something the deficit hawks in the Freedom Caucus are loath to sign off on. Their members don't seem to have a coherent message on what their overarching goals are, especially now that there isn't a Democrat for them to oppose in the White House. This is a pretty big situation, as conservative leaning Americans have wanted something to replace Obamacare for years now. Yeah, that's an image we're not going to let pass without mention.

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But the group had been negotiating directly with the White House in hopes of reaching agreement to eliminate additional requirements on insurers. The bill also halts the Medicaid expansion from Obamacare and will, starting in 2020, roll it back. We've simplified this by denoting members of the Tuesday Group, which consists of about 50 members who tend to be left of the party's mainstream. While they know the Freedom Caucus may be the biggest reason the healthcare bill failed, they weren't the only ones against it. Including it in the bill could substantially frustrate moderates who want to be a "yes" but worry that their constituents would be irate if they take away the benefits. Trump would end up pushing this to the American people too.

Alluding to his own scandalous past, Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., had an appropriate warning for Republican lawmakers and White House staffers last week. So the freeze would eventually kick many people out of the program.

But the bill that Speaker Ryan brought to President Trump was not crafted with impute of the entire Republican Party.

"Because then it becomes all or nothing, and it's going to end up becoming nothing".

If Trump can't marshal the support of the Freedom Caucus, that means he would need to go elsewhere for the rest of a majority in the House.

The bill repeals tax credits that people can use to purchase health insurance and replaces them with a new tax credit that is less generous for most.

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