US Imposes Electronics, Liquids Ban on Airlines From 13 Nations


21 March, 2017

On Monday, Royal Jordanian Airlines abruptly announced on Twitter that it received "instructions from the concerned USA departments" that passengers can't carry any electronic devices bigger than a cell phone onto its flights into or from the United States.

The statement said that "following instructions from the concerned United States departments", the airline would be banning any electronic device in flight cabins except for "cellular telephones and medical devices". The restriction doesn't apply to cell phones or medical devices "needed during flight".

According to CNN, an unnamed USA official said the ban is for a "limited duration" and applies to over a dozen Middle Eastern and African airlines besides Royal Jordanian.

According to a number of media reports, a "confidential" memo was sent by the US Transportation Security Administration to the affected airlines on March 20.

It is unclear which airlines would fall under the ban.

Reuters reported on Monday evening that the usa planned to stop passengers from roughly a dozen countries from carrying such devices on us -bound flights.

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The Qatar Airways booking agent I talked to was clearly unaware of any potential electronics ban on her airline, for example.

The new measure, expected to be announced on Tuesday by the Department of Homeland Security, was in response to an unspecified terrorist threat and would affect about a dozen airlines, Reuters reported.

No other airlines had issued any statements or new passenger guidance by late afternoon Monday.

Royal Jordanian said the electronics ban affected its flights to New York, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal.

Royal Jordanian didn't immediately respond to FP for immediate comment.

The US Department of Homeland Security has declined to comment on the guidance, but noted it would provide an update as appropriate.

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