Young girl badly burned making homemade slime

Little Girl Sustains 3rd Degree Burns While Making Homemade Slime
11-Year-Old Woke up with Burns on Her Hands After Popular 'Craft Project' at Sleepover

29 March, 2017

An 11-year-old MA girl suffered blistering burns to her hands after making "slime" at her home last week, prompting many to wonder if the popular homemade gooey concoction is safe for children.

Her mom and dad were startled to see their daughter's hands were covered in blisters and immediately took her to the hospital. Last month, mom blogger Carolyn West shared her daughter's experience at This Talk Ain't Cheap, explaining that her slime-obsessed child's illness, which included headaches, sore throat, and general discomfort, refused to abate - until West and her husband curbed their kid's favorite pastime: making slime.

At the hospital, Kathleen was diagnosed with second and third-degree burns. While Kathleen was at a sleepover, she woke up in extreme pain.

The child is expected to make a full recovery.

When Quinn picked her up the next day, she was crying in pain.

"I thought it was great", Siobhan Quinn told ABC 13.

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It was determined that the burns came from the extended handling of Borax, which is an ingredient in homemade slime.

Though the recipe Deejay found online called for Borax, it is not easy to find in the United Kingdom because it can cause eye irritation or damage a person's fertility, the Evening News reported.

The most common recipe for slime involves just three ingredients: Elmer's Glue, the household cleaner Borax, and water.

Consumer Reports' chief scientific officer, James Dickerson, has warned about the dangers of using Borax, which is meant to be a household cleaner or an additive for laundry, but many parents still use it.

Deejay's chemical burns got her a referral to a plastic surgeon, her mother said.

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