SNES Classic sure sounds like a limited edition item, according to Nintendo

Nintendo Announces SNES Classic Edition
Nintendo's SNES Classic costs $80, features 21 vintage games

27 June, 2017

Add Nintendo to the list of companies capitalizing on '90s nostalgia.

Based on the original console launched in 1991, a miniaturized version is coming back September 29 or $79.99, which contains 21 pre-installed classic games like "Super Mario World", "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" and "Star Fox 2" - the latter something Nintendo never actually released.

But whereas we can count the number of times we actually plugged last year's NES Classic Mini into our TV before sticking it on a shelf at home, the same thing isn't going to happen again with this new machine.

The NES Classic Edition looks nearly identical to the original NES, but much smaller.

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The surprise announcement of the SNES Classic Edition has the internet a buzz right now, especially when you look at the stellar games line up that the unit offers. There, the firm revealed that the SNES Classic is indeed in the works; no release date was divulged, but the store managers suggested that it could emerge in time for Christmas 2017. The controller ports are different as well. It's also something that I don't think I'll be pre-ordering or purchasing, despite the fact that I was very excited about the NES Classic Edition. Its library of games is strong, and even includes a few long-lasting RPGs like Secret of Mana and the Super Mario RPG.

Shortly after the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition was announced, the internet got ahead of itself, and a bunch of people (us included) speculated about what sorts of fun a Super Nintendo version of the mini, fully-loaded retro console could bring. After that? "We have nothing to announce regarding any possible shipments beyond this year". There's no way to do so just yet, but Nintendo says it'll have that info "coming soon".

So for the love of god, Nintendo, make enough of them. For me, the SNES Classic Edition could have been so much more, and $80 is a lot to pay for novelty alone.

Based on the playable ROMs, the 3D graphics in the intro video are borderline Nintendo 64 quality (or at least a promising preview of the N64), and the gameplay is an expanded and more open version of the original Star Fox (as seen in the footage above).

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