Trump to announce plan to stop cash flow to Cuban military

Trump is ready to move U.S towards Cuba
Trump is ready to move U.S towards Cuba

16 June, 2017

The company is planning to expand across the United States with a chain of midpriced hotels under the brands Scion and American Idea.

Human rights advocates acknowledge that Cuba has made little progress in that area, despite the Obama overtures.

But for those in the tourism industry, that has benefited tangibly from a threefold increase in USA visitors in the past two years, it is a different story. But as soon as new regulations are drafted by the Treasury and Commerce Departments, they're likely to pour cold water on the burgeoning Cuban travel business.

Trump will travel on Friday to Miami, where he is set to announce a prohibition on "financial transactions" with military-backed tourism conglomerate GAESA, according to a source close to the deliberations. According to the Miami Herald, his speech will be delivered at the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana, a highly symbolic venue named after a leader of the Bay of Pigs exile invasion of Cuba in 1961, a failed USA -backed attempt to overthrow the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro. Imposing new restrictions on trade and travel to Cuba is something that a majority of Cuban-Americans would frown upon.

"We know the difficulties with the Cuban media on being able to report some things and this is why we are pushing for more and more Americans there, more smartphones and greater command of Internet so these things can be more visible to as many people as possible". Americans visited. Cuban diplomats traveled freely through the states.

"He's not opposed to any deal with Cuba-he's opposed to a bad deal, and this starts the process of making it clear to the regime that there are very specific benchmarks that there needs to be if they want to continue this kind of relationship", the official added. American visits would likely drop, hurting both USA airlines and accommodation services operating there, as well as the Cuban tourism industry.

If Cubans and Americans don't want new barriers erected between their countries, who is President Trump trying to help?

However, many members of Congress feel that their voices were not heard in the process to review the Cuba policy, we feel the anger of the Republicans, who think that the White House did not take them into account, perhaps that would further motivate them to pressure for achievements.

Taking a tougher approach against Cuba after promising to do so during the presidential campaign, Trump will make clear that a ban on US tourism to Cuba remains in effect and his administration will beef up enforcement of travel rules under authorized categories, the officials said.

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The President's Cuba tidings could be more severe than previously imagined.

Obama's rules encouraged the U.S travel to Cuba.

The results have been uneven.

After more than five months in office, President Donald Trump will unveil his new policy toward Cuba on Friday. The strategy needs more time, they argue, and policymakers should trust in the power of markets and free information to deliver desired change.

These changes will affect Cuba's burgeoning tourist industry that has lured Americans who had always been attracted by the island just 90 miles from Florida but impossibly out of reach thanks to long-standing sanctions.

An increase in tourism and hotel construction has been one of the few bright spots in the Cuban economy. For more than five decades, a succession of US presidents - cowed by the right-wing Cuban community in Florida - enforced an economic embargo even though the policy increasingly isolated the USA from its neighbors in the hemisphere and its allies around the world.

"There are a lot of Americans and Cuban-Americans who have family here and more investment would be good for us", he said.

More than a quarter of the Cuban labor force no longer works for the communist government, from software programmers to nail salon owners, private taxi drivers and restaurant owners.

"Cuba has failed to improve its own human rights record, political opponents continue to be imprisoned, dissidents continue to be jailed, women continue to be harassed", he said.

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