Google Trusted Contacts app lands on iOS

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Google brings its Trusted Contacts app to iOS, Android version gets more features

27 July, 2017

Apple's ecosystem just got a little bit less sticky thanks to Google's location sharing app launching on iOS. The company launched this unbelievable app a year ago for Android users.

When someone requests your info, you can choose to allow your location to be shared immediately, or you can opt to have a request pop up for manual approval. The app now lets you toggle how long it'll wait before sending your location to contacts should you lose signal. The app that serves as a personal safety app for smartphone users will now allow users to customize the timeout of location requests to share their location with the trusted contacts. Enough to tell them where you are at all times - viewable via an app? You can also proactively share your location in everyday or emergency situations. Previously, the app would only wait for five minutes before sending the information. You can now add people to your "trusted contacts" list by their phone number, and the app sends an SMS to them to connect.

In the "view" page an instance you're sharing your location with your contact, you can also post updates and share links to a location on Google Maps.

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The new iOS Trusted Contacts app comes with a round of updates for the service for all users. Lastly, support for new languages has been added as well, which means Trusted Contacts is now available in nine additional languages: Amharic (Ethiopia), Greek (Greece), Persian (Iran), Bahasa (Indonesia), Macedonian (Macedonia), Burmese (Myanmar), Nepali (Nepal), Serbian (Serbia) and Urdu (Pakistan).

The New York Times unveiled a new version of its iOS app yesterday.

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