Republican Gov Pledges To Stop Chicago Education Funding Bill

Gov. Bruce Rauner holds a press conference in Mt. Zion Junior High School to
Governor Rauner to Talk Education Funding in Rockford Monday

19 July, 2017

Durbin said he thinks there are political reasons why Rauner has been playing the issue so low-key.

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider, House Minority Leader Jim Durkin and Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady released a joint statement praising the move.

Among the more recent staff to exit the Rauner administration include his team in Washington, D.C., chief of staff for policy and legislative affairs, director of House and Senate Operations, Deputy Press Secretary, and two core members of his digital team, which led to at least one headache on Twitter.

Find out how much more money your school district will get under the Governor's school funding plan.

"Senator Duckworth and I have sent Governor Rauner four letters asking a simple question: What would the Republican repeal bill do to the state of IL?"

Rauner and the Democrats agree on the legislative goal of providing more state aid to the neediest districts and less to the more affluent districts.

"Governor Rauner's stunt won't pass legal muster, and instead jeopardizes the opening for dozens of school districts around the state". Republicans say Democrats froze the bill as the new school year draws near to increase the political pressure on Rauner to sign it.

Emanuel has said Chicago schools will open September 5 as scheduled - regardless of what Rauner does.

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Rauner has suggested he will veto the new funding method because he contends that it unfairly provides extra money to the nation's third-largest school district in Chicago.

And his spokeswoman, Laurel Patrick, says Article IV, Section 9 (e) of the state Constitution gives Rauner the power to "return a bill together with specific recommendations for change" to the legislature.

"That is so hurtful to me, so insulting to me", Rauner said after being accused of not caring about poor minority students in Chicago.

Rauner was severely weakened by the veto override of his budget and tax bills.

He asked both Democratic Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton to send him the legislation so that he could amend it as he sees fit. "I am saddened and discouraged by his display today", said Manar.

"We have a chance to make history and adopt a new school funding plan that, for the first time, ensures all school districts in IL are equitably and adequately funded". With a school year set to begin in a few weeks, superintendents from around the state strongly support it. Lake County school superintendents hope a new state funding formula will promise more equity among all school districts, regardless of their zip code.

"That is so hurtful to me, so insulting to me", Rauner said.

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