Trump admin considering new sanctions on China over North Korea ties

China defends imports of North Korean iron ore
China trading more with North Korea but buying less coal

15 July, 2017

"If the UN Security Council adopts another sanction resolution, we will take subsequent steps and respond with fair measures", the statement said, as quoted by the state-owned Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

"It will be a fatal mistake to consider any chance that the DPRK which rose to a dignified nuclear power and an ICBM state would tolerate the reckless "sanctions" racket of the USA and other hostile forces", according to the report.

North Korea's multiple missile tests in recent months, culminating with its first-ever successful launch last week of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching Alaska, has alarmed the worldwide community and presented Trump's first major foreign policy test. Despite the global opprobrium over its nuclear ambitions, North Korea has managed to take advantage of a loophole in United Nations sanctions by increasing its exports of iron ore.

President Xi reaffirmed that the "blood brotherhood" between China and North Korea remains strong during talks with South Korean President Moon Jae In ahead of the summit with President Trump.

This would enable precision strikes against North Korea's immediate neighbors, including South Korea and Japan, but not the US, which is over 5,000 miles from the North Korean coast.

China announced in February the suspension of coal imports from the North, striking a blow at a major source of income for the hermit state.

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On the part of South Korea, the North Korean Nuclear Affairs Bureau official said his country expects China to do more in curbing the threatening actions of North Korea.

US President Donald Trump has been openly expressing disappointment over China's lukewarm stance in curbing its economic trade with North Korea, which reportedly grew nearly 40 percent in the first quarter from a year ago, raising the possibility for broader secondary sanctions. Imports from North Korea fell 13 percent.

The text calls for kicking out from the USA banking system the businesses and financial institutions involved in a significant amount of trade in goods and services with the communist state, barring all North Korean-made products from entering the U.S. market, and sanctioning all firms engaged in labor exports. "The maintenance of normal economic and trade exchanges between China and [North Korea] does not violate Security Council's resolutions", the foreign ministry spokesman said.

Many people in Asia-Pacific countries have negative views of North Korea.

Reflecting growing concern about North Korea on Capitol Hill, two members of the US Senate Banking Committee, Sen.

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