Any Democrats out there with the courage to call out Rep. Waters?

Maxine Waters won't run for president, will run to impeach Trump
Maxine Waters Faces Off Against Conservative 'View' Co-Hosts Over White House Leaks (Video)

09 August, 2017

Maxine Waters has no interest in running for president-she just wants to impeach President Donald Trump.

"I don't care how big you are, I don't care how high you are, if you come for me, I'm coming for you", Waters added, earning more loud applause.

Host Paula Faris wanted to know if Waters was bothered that President Trump's conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Austraila were "illegally leaked," noting that the conversations were "confidential". "I am so glad they are telling us what's going on".

Kilgor wrote in the YouTube description: "Our beloved "Auntie" Maxine Waters laid this sermon down so good that I had to sign about it".

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And considering that Pence is far more beholden to right wing ideology than Trump likely is, has lied on multiple occasions regarding the Russian Federation scandal, and that even prior to inauguration, he was already proving to be the most powerful vice president ever, the idea of removing Trump only to end up with President Pence does not sit well with much of the nation. Having been a congresswoman for 37 years (in November 2016 she was elected to her 14th term in the U.S. House of Representatives) Waters said she's always been outspoken, but with Trump's election, she's finally being heard. She simply denied that part.

Waters was asked by View co-host Joy Behar. "They're undermining him because they want to see him stopped, they want us to do something, not every president will be treated this way". "Whenever anybody tries to distract me or block me (even with praise or platitudes) I'm gonna have to let them know that I'm Reclaiming My Time!". Her interviews often go viral, and her faces during congressional hearings quickly become memes.

"I have my hopes for Mueller, as most people do", she said.

"Whether it's the president of the United States of America or anybody in his cabinet, we will say to them 'we will resist you.' We will not allow you to damage this country in the way that you're doing", she said as she gripped her award.

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