Barnaby Joyce might be a Kiwi

The NZ Labour Party has denied any involvement in uncovering Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce's citizenship debacle
SOAP BOX: MP citizenship questions no shock

18 August, 2017

However, Senator Wong's frontbench colleague Anthony Albanese backtracked after contradicting earlier statements from Labor that Mr Joyce had never been specifically referred to in those discussions.

On 17 April, 2013, I stood in Scotty & Mal's on Cuba Street singing Pokarekare Ana as New Zealand celebrated the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Curiously, Joyce claimed the High Commission's contact was sparked by enquiries made by the NZ Labour Party - later revealed to be in the form of two written questions submitted to Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne. "The Australian government has now got to sort out the issue around Barnaby Joyce and citizenship".

1 NEWS' Australia Correspondent Kimberlee Down analyses the issue.

Australia's opposition has mocked Ms Bishop's claims, accusing her of a "Kiwis under the bed scare campaign".

So if Australia's supreme court rules against him, Joyce will be deemed ineligible to be a senator and spark a lot of potential havoc in the government.

But NZ Labour leader Jacinda Ardern confirmed her frontbencher Chris Hipkins was involved.

The falling-out was prompted by an admission that a New Zealand MP had helped to establish that Australia's deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, was a citizen of New Zealand, plunging the government into a crisis that may bring about its fall. He told Parliament on Monday that he has received a legal advice that he hasn't breached any rules.

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He said he would not resign or temporarily step down from office after being told by Australian Solicitor-General Stephen Donaghue that he was likely to be cleared by the High Court.

Australia's constitution bars citizens of another country from standing for parliament.

Mr Joyce said he was shocked to receive the information, adding he had been born in Tamworth and had always been an Australian citizen.

In comparison, Aussies who choose to uproot their lives and move to New Zealand are quickly able to take part in their new country's political landscape, voting in local elections as residents and becoming eligible for various benefits such as welfare and student loans after 2-3 years of living in Aotearoa. If he was serious about resolving uncertainty for the good governance of this country, uncertainties that involve his Members of Parliament and his Senators, then surely he'd raise the question in the Australian Parliament? "Australian media inquiries [sic] were".

George Williams, a law expert from the University of NSW, said the only way Joyce could win in the High Court was if it applied a "generous interpretation" of the constitutional requirements.

"I think in the heat of the moment they took it all pretty seriously, but they've got to get on and resolve the issues around citizenship".

"From my perspective, we've made it clear it shouldn't have happened but ultimately it was questions raised by the media that caused this situation, rather than questions from us", Ms Arden said.

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