Here's the Official Star Wars Battlefront II Starfighter Assault Gameplay Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II Space Battles
Epic Looking Star Wars: Battlefront II Space Battles Teaser Trailer Leaked

21 August, 2017

Battlefront II, we're hoping Electronic Arts rights its wrongs.

An actual gameplay stream for this mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is expected to take place at Gamescom. Battlefront II is looking to improve on all of those faults and so far, we're impressed.

The whole point of the trailer is to highlight the Starfighter Assault multiplayer mode, but similar gameplay will also find its way into the game's much-vaunted single-player campaign. In the trailer, we see Resistance X-Wing Starfighters and the aforementioned Millennium Falcon attack a patrol of First Order fighters, clearing a path to the First Order Star Destroyer. Considered a mode, Starfighter Assault players can live out their ultimate Star Wars fantasies by becoming an ace pilot in epic space battles set across authentic locations from all three cinematic Star Wars eras. Battlefront II is scheduled to launch officially in November for Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 gaming consoles and PC.

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For example, we'll be able to play as characters and in areas from the original trilogy. Some prequel era content is also included here such as Darth Maul and even Yoda. It then cuts to an Imperial shipyard above Fondor with Darth Vader taking part in the battle.

Ahead of the official trailer reveal during GamesCom this weekend, a new starfighter trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 went up early, leaking online. It's going to be intense.

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