Merkel heckled twice in one day as she defends refugee policy

Angela Merkel
Merkel: UK must pay debt to EU

31 August, 2017

"We had challenges, regarding saving the euro and the humanitarian challenge with refugees, where I told myself ... that we had to act in such situations", she said. The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party has gained considerable strength in the past year and could get 10% of the vote in the election on September 24. She noted that the system under which migrants are supposed to seek asylum in the first European Union country where they arrive still needs reform, and that some nations are still refusing to take in a share of refugees arriving in Europe.

"We'll overcome that. It will take time and patience but we will succeed".

Chancellor Angela Merkel is condemning as "racist" a remark by a leader of a German nationalist party that her government's integration commissioner could be "disposed of in Anatolia".

Merkel further said she could not remain mum about what European Union leaders, activists and opposition politicians in Poland say is a lurch towards authoritarianism in Warsaw under the nationalist Law and Justice Party (PiS), which won election in 2015.

"I've already mentioned Martin Schulz at least once so that you wouldn't say that", Merkel responded, when asked about her reticence.

She said the SPD, junior partner in Merkel's current coalition government, had also ruled out governing with the anti-immigrant AfD, but had not issued any clear statements on whether it would work with the Left party.

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The Chancellor was booed as she ascended the stage and the outbursts continued.

Mrs Merkel says she also is interested in fostering a "migration partnership" with Niger to inhibit the smuggling of migrants through African deserts on the way to Libya. The results of the survey shows a better situation for the CDU compared to the polls in February, but they are still below its performance in the last elections in 2013, in which the party garnered 41.5 percent of the votes.

She is running for a fourth term in office in the September 24 election. "I want to spare Germany that again".

Greece is now in a much better state than it was a year ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday, speaking during a press conference. 'It's important that we don't go out of our way to avoid certain areas only because there are a bunch of people screaming'. "This has definitely generated some self-confidence", Merkel said.

The German chancellor is ahead comfortably in her re-election race, but her border policy has cost her politically.

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