Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will have Metroid and Mario Cars

Rocket League Switch Has Nintendo Cars!
Rocket League to get Nintendo-themed cars on Switch

24 August, 2017

As seen in the below reveal trailer, the vehicle will have its own unique Super Star boost trail.

The colors of the auto will also change depending on what team you are representing. The announcement was pretty vague, simply promising the "soccer with cars" game would arrive on Nintendo's new system, but the possibilities were obvious. That also applies for the Samus Gunship where you get the basic colors for the orange team and a variation of blue Suit for the blue team.

When Psyonix announced that Rocket League was coming to the Switch, Nintendo fans rejoiced, as the game is one of best multiplayer games on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

With more than 33 million players and counting, Rocket League is without a doubt one of the most popular and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experiences one can have in this day and age, and the soccer/racing hybrid sports game is set to keep the good times rolling on its Nintendo Switch version.

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Look for more information on our Nintendo Switch release as we get closer to launch!

Seriously, pick up Rocket League.

Both cars will have their own unique trails, and will be available only on the Nintendo Switch- as happens with console exclusive content in this game, if you are playing with an Xbox One or PC player (because the Switch version will offer cross platform play), they will see a generic auto instead. Like the Mario vehicle, Samus' Gunship features a special boost (Wave Beam) and will have two different variations to match the team you're playing on.

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