IPhone 8 is iPhone X: Apple's big secret spills

The new headquarters has an estimated cost of $5billion and span 2.8 million square feet
The new headquarters has an estimated cost of $5billion and span 2.8 million square feet

10 September, 2017

It also looks like rather than the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro, two previously rumoured names for the upcoming iPhone, Apple intends to call the new device the iPhone X. Another reason behind the delay is said to be Apple's insistence on separating the display and touch panel instead of having them integrated like Samsung does.

With just three days ahead of Apple's launch event, a lot of information is getting leaked online. The GM, or Grand Master, release of iOS 11 details new camera features about the iPhone 8 that will be released alongside iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus on Tuesday. In recent years, the speed at which iPhone sales have grown has slowed significantly, to the point of experiencing a decline in 2016.

The Apple Watch app appears to feature an image of the next-gen smartwatch.

The screen is expected to measure 5.8-inches, corner-to-corner with rounded corners. Now Apple is using this tech in its iOS for facial recognition. Apple too is going over board to ensure the phone turns out to be as special as it can be. Notably, previous reports have suggested that the iPhone 8 will be able to detect and authenticate users even when lying on a flat surface.

Almost everything there is to know about the iPhone 8 has already been leaked, but 2 new reports have managed to pull out some new surprises.

It's the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone this year, and thus it's been rumored for months that Apple would be revealing some fantastic new iteration of the smartphone with their annual September announcement.

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Portrait Lighting is one of the new enhanced features found in iOS 11 and it is based on the original Portrait mode effect on iPhones for creating DSLR-like shots, using depth of field under varying lighting conditions.

As per this new Face ID feature, users just need to move their phone around the face to unlock the device.

As per the new leak of its firmware, there will be no any Touch ID in the new iOS device but the Touch ID is replacing by Face ID.

What's more, iOS 11 GM reveals that Apple's LTE watch will use the same telephone number as your iPhone.

The changes there aren't expected to be as dramatic as with the flagship "iPhone 8", and as such it was seen as likely that Apple would follow its usual tick-tock nomenclature.

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