Nissan targets new Leaf global sales of over 90000 annually

Nissan unveils new LEAF complete with e-Pedal and improved range
Nissan Is Making a Bold Bet With Its All-New 2018 Leaf

08 September, 2017

It has a driving range of 378km on a single charge, nearly 50% more than its predecessor.

The new Nissan LEAF also boasts three main new intelligent driving technologies.

The 200-mile mark is considered by many industry experts as the range needed to ease driver fears that they'll run out of juice before ending their trips in the U.S., but even then range is still the biggest obstacle to widespread adoption of electric cars.

Nissan appears to be betting that 150 miles of range - plus a truly mass-market price tag - is enough to overcome the concerns of at least some first-time electric-vehicle buyers.

The new Nissan LEAF's palette of colours offers a wide range of options, including white, yellow, red and light blue body colours combined with a black roof.

Where the Model 3 supposedly maxes out at 354 kms, the Leaf can hit 378- relatively similar, then, and both sufficient to make the machines practical alternatives to petrol-engined vehicles for longer cruising.

Nissan may have more electric vehicles on the way.

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But Nissan chose to make a big trade-off with its new electric vehicle: The new Leaf's price undercuts the starting prices of both of its principal rivals - but so does its range, just 150 miles. It also adopts a number of new technologies for the brand, including ProPilot autonomous driving functionality. Torque has been increased to 320 Nm, resulting in improved acceleration.

That's where the 2018 Nissan Leaf enters the picture. There isn't a recommended retail price for the United Kingdom yet, but in Japan the price of the new LEAF will start at 3,150,360 yen which is equivalent to around £22,000.

When the 2016 LEAF came out offering a range boost, it took longer than many of us expected to actually have one at a local dealership. This does not include any state or federal tax credits and promotions. There is no commitment to purchase, so if you are thinking about buying a 2018 Nissan Leaf, but are on the fence you can still register and be eligible for the gift if you buy one. It also comes with optional new "ProPilot" semi-autonomous driving features that can keep the auto centred in a motorway lane and stop it from hitting objects in front, as well as being able to park itself. With the foot completely off the accelerator pedal, the vehicle will sit still until the accelerator is pressed again. Along with excellent aerodynamics, the styling - from the sleek silhouette to the car's "advanced expression" - evokes the exhilaration of driving an EV. I tested ProPilot Assist on the highway, and it had no trouble keeping the Leaf in its lane and decreasing speed to accommodate slower traffic. You don't have to do anything if it's a single-lane driving. A brake pedal is fitted for harsher braking events.

Cllr Watson said: "Nissan's phenomenal success in Sunderland would not have been possible without the highlyskilled and hard-working people it employs".

Owners can also access their smartphone to check the car's battery status.

"That's a lower price than the Leaf in market today and it includes more power, range and technology, all wrapped in a attractive new exterior and interior design", Muñoz said.

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