Google Assistant has a male voice, here are the details

Krales  The Verge
Krales The Verge

06 October, 2017

It's not immediately evident how to change Google Assistant to use a male voice, nearly as if Google only begrudgingly conceded this feature.

The latest Google Play Store version is now available to download, only 10 hours after the previous update was released.

The Google Assistant now has a new voice. If you go over to the Google Store now, you will see that the store is now in the Bahasa Malaysia language. Separately, at its Wednesday event, the company detailed new features coming to Assistant.

Though now it will not work on Chromebooks but maybe Google has launched this app for adding Google assistant support on Chromebooks later. The app acts like a shortcut to start the Google assistant instead of holding the home button on your smartphone. In the Google Play Store Google Assistant isn't actually the app, but the other form of accessing its features.

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Google Assistant the popular voice assistant app of Google is now available as a standalone app over Play Store. Your Google App must be up to date to use the Google Assitant on your phone.

For marketers, the greater presence of Google Assistant - and its competitors like Amazon Alexa - in the home open up new channels to reach consumers directly during their day-to-day routines. Android Police adds that the app's code also reveals that it checks if the user's device is eligible for Assistant, and informs the user if it is not.

To begin, the app is able to recognise and communicate information on set topics such as credit cards, loans or internet banking. Since you can effortlessly watch whatever video (including YouTube Red Originals) you'd like, it makes the subscription ideal for Chromecast users as well. This addition to the software gives devices their own personality and while manufacturers are humanising their AI assistants with more natural speech and intonation, adding gender into the mix will offer something for everyone.

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