Nintendo adds wireless headphone support in Switch firmware 4.0.0

Chris Grant  Polygon
Chris Grant Polygon

21 October, 2017

Video capture is also limited for now to four Nintendo games: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (version 1.3 or newer), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (1.3 or newer), Splatoon 2 (1.2 or newer) and Arms (3.1 or newer). However, it only works when the Switch is docked. Though there are some caveats. The user was able to connect his Sony PlayStation Wireless Headset to the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, this innovative update also introduced wireless headphone support to Switch.

Especially, with the holiday season ahead, it seems Nintendo has its Switch platform to thank for everything.

Frankly, it's a little weird Nintendo didn't choose to advertise this feature when the firmware update went live yesterday.

Now, this doesn't necessarily resolve the chat issues with games, as you still need the adapter and what-not to talk with friends, but for those with headsets that they've been waiting to use with the system, this is certain to come as a relief.

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It begs the question, what else was included in this update that Nintendo hasn't told us about? When you are, simply enter the system settings, select Users and then Transfer Your User and Save Data.

Nintendo is pushing out update 4.0.0 for their Switch handheld gaming console.

While up to eight accounts, and therefore eight sets of saved games, can share the same Switch console, the transfer function could encourage guests to buy their own consoles and carry on with their adventures more conveniently. Super Mario Odyssey will be the fifth game to support it, but Nintendo has yet to reveal any future titles that will work with video capturing. Nintendo will also approach developers who have used their characters in third party games, such as Mario + Rabbids, in order to implement video capture earlier, although any developer can patch support in for their games.

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