Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controller after 4.0 Update

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You Can Now Use GameCube Controllers With Your Nintendo Switch

25 October, 2017

Until then, enjoy trying to wrestle with the GameCube controller's weird button placement during your Splatoon 2 sessions.

You will need a GameCube controller (obviously) plus the USB adaptor originally released for the Wii U. Plug them both into the Switch's dock and it'll register the controller as a USB gamepad. Nintendo has quietly added support for them after the 4.0 system update. Melee. Smash Bros. for GameCube is still huge in fighting game circles, and the GameCube controller is the preferred way to play it and its sequels - which is why there's a GameCube controller adapter for Wii U in the first place. And while there's nothing pointing to specific new announcements, at the very least, it works on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Reddit users who are often known for their curiosity managed to find this wireless headphone feature that works through USB and even supported the PS4 headset.

Of course, this has mounted speculation that Nintendo are on the cusp of announcing something Super Smash Bros related for the Switch, as the Gamecube controller has nearly become synonymous with the Smash Community.

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Last week, Nintendo released firmware version 4.0.0 for the Switch.

Once hooked up, all games that can be played using a Switch pro controller can also be played using a Gamecube controller, with a few obvious caveats. There's only one Z button on the right and it only has a start button so you can't go back to the main menu.

The update will also allow users to transfer their save data out.

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