Turkey sentences 34 to life in jail over President Erdogan death plot

Visiting Chief of the General Staff of Turkey Hulusi Akar said Ankara and Tehran can control and annihilate terrorism
Visiting Chief of the General Staff of Turkey Hulusi Akar said Ankara and Tehran can control and annihilate terrorism

05 October, 2017

Pointing to common stance of Iran, Iraq and Turkey against secession of Iraqi Kurdistan, he said, "We have reached good political and military agreements regarding the region, as the Kurdish region will face severe economic, political and military sanctions if the current situation continues to persist".

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for "more decisive action" in response to the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG)'s attempt to split from Iraq, as he joined his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani in renewing their opposition to the redrawing of the Iraqi borders.

"Turkey, Iran and Iraq have no choice but to take serious and necessary measures to protect their strategic goals in the region", Mr Rohani said.

"We want security and stability in the Middle East".

Rouhani said Turkey will increase its import of natural gas from Iran.

"We do not recognize the illegitimate referendum of the northern Iraqi regional government", said the Turkish top executive, on Wednesday.

Aside from Turkey and Iran, Iraq's central government in Baghdad also opposed the referendum.

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Turkey, a country with a Sunni majority, and Shiite Iran have been on opposite sides of the conflict in Syria, as Tehran supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government while Ankara has been seeking to topple him.

The Turkish leader had accused Iran at the time of seeking to "dominate the region" and demanded that it withdraw its troops from Iraq and Syria. "Meetings will be held to discuss the details", he said.

The two governments have taken opposing sides in the six-year civil war in Syria but relations have thawed this year with them both joining Russian Federation as co-sponsors of peace talks which began in Kazakstan in January.

"But the people of Iraqi Kurdistan are our good neighbours, are our dear brothers".

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country was exercising a policy of non-interference and using cautious rhetoric after the independence referendum in Kurdistan in order not to explode the situation in the region.

Erdogan was accompanied by a high-ranking delegation comprising ministers of economy, energy, customs and culture, as well as Turkish investors and business leaders.

He said the Kurdish referendum and plan to split from Iraq is part of a "foreign sectarian plot".

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