Workplace mental ill-health costing United Kingdom firms £42bn

Solve £99bn mental health problem, bosses are urged
Mind Works

28 October, 2017

"It's time for every employer to recognise their responsibilities and affect change, so that the United Kingdom becomes a world leader in workplace wellbeing for all staff and in supporting people with mental health problems to thrive at work", says Lord Stevenson.

It includes a detailed analysis that explores the significant cost of poor mental health to United Kingdom businesses and the economy as a whole.

Farmer said: 'We found that in many workplaces, mental health is still a taboo subject and that opportunities are missed to prevent poor mental health and ensure employees who many be struggling get the support they need.

As most employers will recognise, sickness management procedures can be long, expensive and frustrating for all parties, in particular where mental health issues are involved. It found that 300,000 people in the United Kingdom lose their jobs every year due to poor mental health and estimated that 15% of the workforce has symptoms of an existing mental health condition.

Costs for the Government associated with poor mental health are up to £27billion a year.

At the same time, people with mental health problems are losing their jobs at double the rate of people without such conditions.

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The head of Public Health England, Duncan Selbie, said: 'This compelling review adds to the evidence demonstrating how important it is for employers to notice mental health in the workplace.

"The mental health core standards should provide a framework for workplace mental health and we have designed them in a way that they can be tailored to suit a variety of workplaces and be implemented by even the smallest employers", the report said. It examined case studies of good practice and makes recommendations for employers in both the public and private sector, and for the government, to improve the situation.

The administrative costs that might be incurred by keeping the employee on the books.

An embattled prime minister may be given to wondering about her legacy. Following this, CQC will make full recommendations to encourage improvement in the mental health system for children and young when we publish our thematic review in March 2018. Most absence issues can and should be managed without the need for escalating matters.

Recommendations for the government include introducing legal changes to enhance protection for people with mental health conditions and the development of a more flexible model for statutory sick pay, to help people return to work gradually.

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