Apple's $120M patent award upheld by court

US Supreme Court denied Samsung's appeal against Apple.                  CNET
US Supreme Court denied Samsung's appeal against Apple. CNET

08 November, 2017

3D-printed Samsung and Apple logos are seen in this picture illustration made in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina on January 26, 2016.

Apple initially sued Samsung in April 2011, claiming infringement of patents, trademarks, user interface and style, and Samsung immediately countersued, claiming infringement of mobile-communications patents.

A jury awarded Apple $120 million and Samsung $160,000 in May 2014 but the case has been bouncing through the appeals system for the past three years.

Samsung had paid for damages to Apple for infringing on two patents: the slide-to-unlock gesture and quick links patent.

Almost after three years, the legal tussle between Apple and Samsung regarding infringement of patents linked to slide-to-unlock, quick links, and autocorrect features has come to an end. We're guessing that every court decision made in the future, as evidenced by history, will be appealed, so don't expect Apple vs. Samsung to settle down anytime soon.

But here's the amusing part: all the original phones involved in the battle have already been phased out of protection.

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The two biggest smartphone producers still have a much bigger suit pending, which originally granted Apple more than $1 billion in damages from Samsung. However, with the Supreme Court too, ruling against Samsung, the Korean smartphones giant has literally run out of options.

A week later, Apple asked a USA court to force Samsung to cough up $180 million more. The ruling was overturned nearly two years later, and then reinstated once again less than a year after that.

The company also said that even though one of the patent's involved in the case has been invalidated by the courts, "today's decision allows Apple to unjustly profit from this patent, stunts innovation and places competition in the courtroom rather than the marketplace".

In April this year, Huawei had defeated Samsung in a patent battle in Chian where the Galaxy 8 maker was ordered to pay 80 million Yuan (USD 12 million) to Huawei for infringing its cellular smartphone technologies.

Notably, Samsung has manufactured the screens of Apple's iPhone X for its AMOLED display.

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