Kevin Spacey assaulted my teen son

Sympathetic Gay Talese Wants to Profile Kevin Spacey

09 November, 2017

Tara Miltimore, assistant district attorney and spokeswoman for the Cape and Islands District Attorney's Office, confirmed to ABC News that "an individual has provided information to the Nantucket Police regarding an allegation of an indecent assault and battery".

Longtime Boston television journalist Heather Unruh has accused Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting her son at a MA bar last summer.

"In July of 2016, actor Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted my son", said Unruh on Wednesday. "There was no consent". When Spacey went to the men's room, Unruh's son ran away.

"She saw that my son was shaken", Unruh said of the woman. Unruh further adds that she filed a police report last week, though Buzzfeed News notes that the police department will not confirm or deny the report, as sexual assault reports are confidential per MA state law. Unruh said she chose to speak out after the Harvey Weinstein scandal came to light, with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault surfacing in bombshell reports by The New York Times and The New Yorker. Unruh is now looking for that woman to come forward.

Spacey, a two-time Oscar victor, is facing a career crisis that started when Anthony Rapp publicly accused the actor and producer of making a sexual advance on him decades ago when the "Star Trek: Discovery" actor was just 14. London police are reportedly investigating Spacey for a 2008 sexual assault.

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Spacey says he is now "taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment" after the latest round of sex assault allegations and has learned that he has checked into The Meadows facility in Arizona, the same facility where Harvey Weinstein has sought treatment. Sarah Kate Ellis, president of the LGBTQ group GLAAD said he only revealed he is gay 'to deflect from allegations of sexual assault'.

Spacey tweeted an apology to Rapp, in which he also came out as a gay man - drawing widespread criticism for his coming out under those circumstances.

Netflix and House of Cards producer, Media Rights Capital released a joint statement condemning Spacey, saying they are "deeply troubled".

As the allegations against Spacey continued to surface, Unruh has shown her support for Rapp and the other victims on Twitter.

Production on House of Cards has been indefinitely suspended since October 31, and Netflix executives have decided the streaming network won't air new episodes if the actor remains involved in the series. Richard Dreyfuss" son Harry called him "a sexual predator' in an article he wrote for BuzzFeed.

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