Microsoft Announces Massive Redmond Campus Expansion And Up To 8000 New Workers

Microsoft plans upgrade for Redmond headquarters
Microsoft announces major expansion at Redmond campus

30 November, 2017

However, the software giant is not developing a new campus altogether, rather it is planning a significant modernization of its Redmond headquarters, the company told employees on Tuesday, in a post. With Apple's new UFO campus just completed, and Amazon running a weird version of The Batchelorette where cities compete for a multi-billion-dollar headquarters, Microsoft was left feeling all left out. Those staffers will have access to new open work spaces in the planned buildings, another 6.7 million square feet of renovated offices split up among 12 existing facilities and a variety of amenities.

Many Americans have never played cricket, but Microsoft does have a lot of employees from India, including CEO Satya Nadella, who's a big fan of the game, and from other former British colonies.

Microsoft's future Redmond headquarters will look and operate more like small city, featuring a two-acre open plaza that can host 12,000 people.

Microsoft plans upgrade for Redmond headquarters

The extension of Microsoft's Redmond campus is a reflection of the company's recent growth, and it also follows other redevelopment projects at Microsoft's offices in Vancouver BC and London. It's an investment that's good for our employees, good for the Puget Sound community, and makes good sense for our shareholders. The space will be divided into what it calls "team neighborhoods".

In their place, and in the acres around them, 18 new buildings will rise, with flexible floor plans meant to foster collaboration, inspiration, and accessibility.

The campus will primarily be built for pedestrian and bike traffic as all vehicles will be moved to an underground parking facility. As a Zero Waste Certified campus we will continue to focus further on waste-reduction initiatives. There are also plans for a local light rail to take workers to and from locations around the campus. Having been the bane of many Microsoft employee for their confusing corridors, it's unlikely they'll be missed. "We are not only creating a world-class work environment to help retain and attract the best and brightest global talent, but also building a campus that our neighbors can enjoy, and that we can build in a fiscally smart way with low environmental impact", Microsoft President Brad Smith outlined in an article.

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