Set your clocks back one hour tonight

More sunlight improves sleep as Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, says neurologist
Daylight Saving Time — The Controversy

05 November, 2017

It's time to turn your clocks back. Most want to be able to utilize their time when they get off work and, with dark, gloomy and cold weather, it's nearly impossible.

Another road hazard associated with less light, researchers have noted a spike in pedestrian-involved accidents after daylight saving time ends, though they say it is short-lived as drivers acclimate to the change in a matter of weeks.

Warm, dry weather will accompany the time change this weekend, so enjoy some time outdoors after getting that extra hour of sleep. And you'll get 60 minutes more of shut-eye between Saturday night and Sunday wake-up.

Daylight saving actually wasn't signed into law until 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson made it an official practice. Daylight Saving Time will begin again Sunday, March 11, 2017. Also, Germany was the first country to implement Daylight Saving in order to conserve energy.

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Keep in mind to turn back the clock this weekend. If you want to be sure you're following the correct time, you can check the U.S. Department of Commerce's National institute of Standards and Technology's site here.

If you use a cell phone as your alarm clock, it will most likely change the time automatically.

"There's some benefit to being in the same time zone with someone you're dealing with in a business relationship", Prerau said, suggesting the Maritimes would be under pressure to drop daylight time to stay in sync year-round. This is also where you can find more information about timekeeping and daylight saving in the U.S.

Whether the method is dealing with it before falling asleep or after waking up, just know that when the clock strikes 2 a.m. Sunday that it will officially be 1 a.m.

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