WhatsApp Messenger down leaving billions of users panicked. Check the Twitter reactions

WhatsApp APK Beta Update
WhatsApp is down for users in India and around the globe

04 November, 2017

Triggering virtual panic, social chat platform WhatsApp went off from smartphones worldwide on Friday morning.

Billions of users who rely on WhatsApp for their day-to-day communication are evidently outraged and are pouring their hearts out on Twitter.

Along with India, users from most of Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Saudi Arabia, USA and Sri Lanka complained about the problem.

WhatsApp remained shut for about an hour during which users had trouble updating their profile and other details though tings resumed soon afterwards.

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Apart from "Delete for Everyone", WhatsApp has renamed the regular delete option, calling it Delete for Me.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger is down as users are not able to send or receive messages. The magazine quoted a WhatsApp spokesperson saying, "We are aware of the issue and working to resolve it". Earlier in May, WhatsApp suffered a major outage.

The global outage lasted an hour. The service began functioning again some regions around 30 minutes after the first complaints began popping up, Reuters had noted. Facebook or WhatsApp are yet to officially comment on the outage.

Millions of people at once flocked to the website is the servicedown.com to find out if the problem is on their side or on the server side.

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