ARCTIC EXPRESS: Cold and some snow on the way

Some icy spots may be found on the area's roadways this morning but that should melt away as temperatures climb into the low 50s according to the National Weather Service at State College
Warm Tuesday, but wet snow possible late this week

06 December, 2017

What we track out there today will be cold, just not Arctic kind of cold. The cold front pushes through the region Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning with rain likely.

The Met Office predicts the balmy weather will be replaced by rain and strong winds - then temperatures will really plunge and much of the country will see snow on Friday.

The mild weather of the last few weeks will soon be a distant memory as the coldest air of the season invades most of the central and eastern U.S.

Wednesday: Partly sunny with a high near 33 degrees and a low of 25 degrees. Look for high temperatures to occur late this evening and be in the 50s over all of Lower Michigan.

This process is most effective when winds are light, because colder air from aloft descends to the surface more readily, as the air isn't being mixed up by the wind.

Temps: High of 78 degrees Monday and a low of 40 degrees Tuesday night. "Conditions will be cold enough for any showers to fall as snow or hail in many places".

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Clouds will return Monday night, but there will be scant chance of any showers.

Friday morning starts off with lingering cold rain showers along the coast and a slight risk of rain in the Pee Dee, a cold rain/winter mix in NC.

Unlike previous cold snaps this fall, this one looks to stay around for a while, potentially until the first day of winter on December 21, AccuWeather meteorologist Max Vido said.

It could bring light snow to north Alabama on Saturday morning, which would change to rain in the afternoon as temperatures rise. Lowest temperatures of 5 to 8 degrees.

Freezing temperatures will be likely for parts of the northern part of the viewing area by Friday and Saturday mornings.

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