British woman jailed for THREE years for bringing painkillers into Egypt

Laura Plummer, 33 could face the death sentence if she is found guilty of the charges leveled against her
Laura Plummer, 33 could face the death sentence if she is found guilty of the charges leveled against her

28 December, 2017

A British woman has been convicted of smuggling 300 painkiller tablets into Egypt and jailed for three years.

The 33-year-old shopkeeper, Laura Plummer, was arrested on October 9 after police found close to 300 pills of Tramadol packed in her luggage at Egypt's Hurghada International Airport, according to the BBC.

Ms Plummer had insisted that the tramadol tablets were for her Egyptian partner, Omar Abdel Aziz, known as "Caboo", 31, who suffers from chronic back pain.

The trial of British citizen Laura Plummer has been postponed to Boxing Day after confusion in the courtroom caused her to unintentionally plead guilty to charges of drug trafficking.

Her sister, Rachel Plummer, said the family's hopes now hinged on the outcome of the appeal.

Her legal team entered a written submission from her explaining she had not admitted guilt, but had meant to say she carried the drug without knowing it was illegal and with no intention of selling it. The young shop assistant might consider herself lucky - earlier she'd been told that she might be facing 25 years in jail or even the death penalty.

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She added that she did not know whether the appeal would be heard on Tuesday.

33-year old Laura Plummer from Hull, England, was handed the three-year sentence for drug smuggling on Tuesday. Even half of that would be better. "She wouldn't have a clue that she was doing something unlawful", Mr Turner said.

Tramadol is listed by Egyptian authorities as an illegal drug given its wide use as a heroin substitute. Plummer's mother, Roberta Sinclair and Plummer's partner Omar were reportedly present outside the courthouse.

Her other sister Jayne Synclair said Plummer had only been trying to help her partner.

The trial was held this morning with a new interpreter and she was jailed by a judge for three years and fined around £4,200.

"It clearly is a banned substance and whilst we must respect the law of other countries there must be good sense and fair play as well". "She doesn't deserve that", she continued. He said the court could also not prove she brought them into the country to sell them.

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