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08 December, 2017

Amazon Prime Video will be available as an app on Apple TV starting tomorrow, December 8, Amazon announced today. Customers can also enjoy Thursday Night Football live on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV.

The Prime Video app for the Apple TV supports numerous Apple TV features, this included Siri and the TV app, this allows you to search for videos on Prime from the main TV interface. As of Wednesday, Apple TV owners are finally able to add Amazon's Prime Video to their devices - about six months after Apple chief executive Tim Cook promised the service was on its way.

The current feud centres on Amazon's refusal to sell some Google devices that compete with Amazon products.

Technically, there are workarounds such as streaming the video on an iPad or iPhone, then streaming that to the Apple TV using AirPlay - but most consumers don't want to be bothered with workarounds.

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While Apple, Google and Amazon all bicker with each other about how they deliver and distribute each other's products and services, other streaming platforms are also increasingly tetchy about the way the big three tech/web giants organise their respective platforms so to favour their own music and video services.

The version of YouTube that is available on Amazon Fire TV is described by Amazon as a standard web view that takes its customers to the YouTube website direct, rather than a dedicated app. Amazon accused Google of blocking access to an open website.

A statement from Amazon on Tuesday didn't address Google's claims. Amazon kicked the Chromecast, Google's television player, off its retail website in 2015, along with Apple Inc's TV player.

YouTube might soon disappear from your Amazon streaming device. On those devices, Google's YouTube and Play services often get prominent billing in search results, but at least you can get Amazon video. As you might know Nest is now a Google subsidiary. You get voice searches through Google's Assistant - playback controls with some apps, weather info and some data you might never think to ask a TV, such as flight status. As of time of writing, the product was not listed on Amazon. Google is threatening to pull YouTube from Fire TV by January 1, the latest round in a fierce battle between the two tech heavyweights. They want the content all in one place.

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