Slain former National Basketball Association player's ex-wife arrested in connection to his murder

Sherra Wright ex-wife of Lorenzen Wright arrested in California
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17 December, 2017

According to an affidavit obtained by the Commercial Appeal, Sherra Wright-Robinson told police she saw Lorenzen leave her home carrying money and a box of drugs on July 18, 2010. ESPN stated Federal Bureau of Investigation agents found the murder weapon in a MS lake based on a tip they received.

"The attempted murder charge is about a prior attempt to kill Lorenzen Wright, officials confirmed", noted Katie Fretland, Yolanda Jones and Marc Perrusquia in the Commercial Appeal report. "We wanted to investigate it as if it had just happened".

Sherra Wright, ex-wife of Lorenzen Wright, cries during a memorial service honoring the life of Lorenzen Wright in 2010. They began to "follow the evidence" and it lead to Friday with the arrest of Sherra Wright-Robinson.

Wright-Robinson only added to the suspicion when she had spent nearly all of the money from the life insurance policy he took out on himself six months before his death.

Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright went missing in 2010 until his dead body was found on July 28, 2010 with multiple gun shout wounds.

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Deborah Marion, Wright's mother, said authorities told her Wright-Robinson would be charged with first-degree murder, the same charge that was filed against Billy Ray Turner, who was arrested on December 5.

There was a break in the high-profile cold case when the gun used to murder Wright was found in a MS lake. And the 2015 Sports Illustrated-Fox Sports 1 joint investigation into Wright's murder had plenty to say about Sherra, including that Wright's assistant turned audio recordings of Sherra threatening him over to police.

At a press conference Saturday, Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings said Wright-Robinson has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of her ex-husband. "The law enforcement should do what's best to find out who's the killer". Wright played 13 seasons in the National Basketball Association, for the Clippers, Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers. Indeed, Wright-Robinson, who by then had remarried, said "99.99 percent" of the book involves true stories from her life with Wright.

Wright-Robinson has a court date in Riverside Monday.

It is unclear when Wright-Robinson will be extradited from California to Memphis.

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