VA House of Delegates Race now a Tie

Election officials in Newport News Va. examine ballots that a computer failed to scan during a recount for a House of Delegates race on Tuesday Dec. 19 2017. Republican incumbent Del. David Yancey had won against Democratic challenger Shelly Simonds
Newport News Va. House of Delegates recount now a tie after contested vote changed to Republican candidate

22 December, 2017

The two candidates in the 94th District, which includes Newport News in southeastern Virginia, are now tied at 11,608 votes.

The House of Delegates race in Virginia's 94th district ended in a tie today (Dec. 20) after a judicial panel re-examined a ballot from Tuesday's recount that had originally ended with Democrat Shelly Simonds being declared the victor by a margin of a single vote. That would mean both Yancey and Simonds had 11,608 votes each. "In the meantime, I will continue to work on legislation for the 2018 session, as I have been for the past two months".

A lawyer for the Virginia House Democratic caucus, Marc Elias, said that the local court's decision about the ballot was wrong and that he was assessing legal options. After review, the recount court agreed to count the ballot for Delegate Yancey. "We are now assessing all legal options before us as we fight for a just result", Virginia House Democratic Caucus attorney Marc Elias said in a statement. "The Republicans themselves had affirmed that this result was accurate yesterday before changing their minds today". On Tuesday, in the US state of Virginia, the saying appeared to come true. On Tuesday, Simonds embraced the same name. "This victory is 100 percent their victory because it wouldn't have happened without their participation". Everyone came out, and we rocked this town. "Whether it was knocking on doors, posting on social media or donating a few dollars, it all made a difference and added up to an fantastic outcome on Election Day". The shocking development may help state Democrats pass Medicaid expansion in next year. The news spread like wildfire that Republicans had lost their majority and were now going to have to share power with Democrats.

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That vote handed Democrat Shelly Simonds the seat, giving Democrats 50 seats, and Republicans 50 seats.

"I just can't believe it, but it sounds like it's pretty solid", an excited Simonds, speaking from a bar with the sounds of celebration in the background, told reporters on a conference call. And all because of one vote - and one voter. "You can call me Landslide Shelly as long as you call me delegate", she said.

The voters who enabled Simonds to tie a Republican incumbent were part of a Democratic wave that elected a Democratic governor and gave Democrats big gains in the House.

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