Grammys 2018: Kesha delivers a powerful performance of her single 'Praying'


29 January, 2018

The legal battle between Dr. Luke and Kesha are still ongoing, but Kesha managed to release her album "Rainbows" previous year and perform her single "Praying" at Sunday night's Grammy awards.

Kesha thanked the Recording Academy and the women who took the Grammys stage with her Sunday night during her emotional performance of "Praying".

Kesha, who became pop's symbol of the fight against sexual assault when she accused her longtime producer Dr. Luke of years of abuse, sang her ballad "Praying". The song was her comeback single but was also an anthem of healing for all those who have suffered through sexual abuse at any point in their life.

We're all the better for finally having Kesha back. To those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words: "Time's Up", she said. And Kesha, whose 2017 album Rainbow was one of the most searing and noteworthy of the year, let her voice fly through Madison Square Garden with visceral, righteous fury. The producer has denied the singer's allegations.

Where many Grammy songs performed months after their initial release seem exhausted, Kesha's voice was packed with emotion, as if it were the first time she sang "Praying".

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Kesha dedicated her performance to the #MeToo movement and to survivors of sexual assault.

Despite the rousing reception, Kesha was passed over for the awards.

"When I wrote praying, with Ben Abraham and Ryan Lewis, I just felt as if I had gotten a huge weight off of my shoulders", she wrote. Kesha later dropped the lawsuit against him in August 2016 in order to focus on releasing new music.

"This song is about me finding peace in the fact that I can't control everything - because trying to control everyone was killing me", she wrote previous year.

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