Alexa Can Send SMS Messages Now

Don't be tempted to give your speakers amusing names- you'll regret later
Don't be tempted to give your speakers amusing names- you'll regret later

01 February, 2018

If your hands are busy and you want to inform your friend that you're running late, then you can say "Alexa, text Jon", and then dictate your message.

This feature now sends SMS messages only to Android phones, because Apple is not offering its messaging APIs to third-parties. If the recipient of said message owns an Echo, he/she will receive it through Amazon's Alexa messaging service. Also, the new feature would work only if the user has the Alexa app installed on an Android phone, and the smartphone is linked with the Alexa device.

With the same smart-assistant capabilies as the other Echo products, Amazon is hoping for the Spot to be seen as another entry-point into their smart-device ecosystem. If so, you've got a new feature to try out.

'Alexa, set the mood, ' one user asked as he uncorked a bottle of wine for his guests.

Alexa can now switch to a British accent, as well as, German. You can send them to any SMS-supporting devices, including iPhones.

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Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google are battling to have their digital assistants - along with the required devices like smart speakers - front and center in consumers' homes.

It may seem unusual to say that a few days after Apple formally outlined plans for the upcoming availability of its HomePod product, potentially a new major competitive force in the market, but Google certainly has a head start.

How do you enable the SMS texting feature?

If the person you are texting lacks the app, it will then be sent as an SMS.

Last year, Amazon also introduced a feature that would allow Echo users to call and message for free.

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