Venezuelan Govt. Ready To Sign Agreement With Opposition

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11 February, 2018

The election was initially expected to take place in late 2018 but the government pushed it forward.

Venezuela on Wednesday set a presidential election for April 22 after mediation talks between the leftist government and an opposition coalition collapsed, setting the stage for the likely re-election of President Nicolas Maduro.

The head of Venezuela's electoral authority, Tibisay Lucena, announced the date on February 7.

President Nicolas Maduro has already launched his campaign for a second term and stands as the only candidate.

The former bus driver and union leader who has been president since 2013 appeared on Wednesday evening in front of a cheering crowd, who sang his campaign jingle, "Everyone with Maduro!"

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The opposition parties have not yet decided whether to participate in the snap elections nor on the possibility on uniting around a single candidate using the ballot slot of one of their parties. Its two most popular leaders are...

Over the past several months President Maduro's government and opposition parties have been hammering out a conflict resolution accord between the two sides, mediated by worldwide political figures in the Dominican Republic. The opposition had called for guarantees from the government, including the release of political prisoners and the reinstatement of politicians who had been barred from office.

Medina said Maduro had expressed "the desire to continue dialogue", but the opposition delegation "did not understand" that the signing of the final peace agreement would take place on February 6 while the Venezuelan government did come to the meeting with the intention of signing the document in the presence of global observers. We hope that on this occasion the Venezuelan opposition delegation will reach the Dominican Republic, and have the capacity for dialogue, negotiation and understanding.

Venezuelan government representatives have accused the United States of attempting to "sabotage" the talks, claiming that the opposition was receiving instructions from the USA administration.

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