Washington considers tagging QB Kirk Cousins — ESPN's Schefter

Kirk Cousins breaks his silence after Redskins trade for Alex Smith
Kirk Cousins' price tag likely too high for Browns given they're poised to take a QB at No. 1

06 February, 2018

The ad took a shot at the soon to be QB for the Redskins, Alex Smith, who will be traded to Washington from the Kansas City Chiefs.

The New England Patriots successfully navigated the tag-and-trade maneuver with Matt Cassel in March 2009. However, this may not happen. That would significantly reduce what the Redskins could get for him from that team.

"You know, the trade is still agreed to in principle, so it's not set in stone until March 14", Cousins said.

The most Washington could receive is a third-round compensatory pick for th 2019 draft. However, I am not a fan of this move at all. Nobody expected that back in July, but they built a great team and they did a great job and went all the way to the AFC Championship game.

Those concerns could scare Washington away from franchise-tagging Cousins.

If Cousins is tagged, his $34.5 million salary would count toward the Redskins' salary cap. But in order for Washington to trade Cousins, he would first have to sign the franchise tag tender.

He could threaten teams interested in trading for him by saying he would not sign a long-term deal there.

So why would the Redskins still want to control Cousins' contract?

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The Browns, with more than $110 million in cap space, can make him the best offer.

If the deal ends up being finalized next month, it will likely signal the end of Cousins' six-year tenure in Washington.

Sure, they could. They have two second-round picks this year (37th and 49th). For the other 30 teams in the National Football League, the offseason is here and the rumor mill is churning. But if Cousins is valuing the chance to win as much as money, we have some clarity on what teams he'd prefer to sign with this summer. Here is the difference. But if they do use the tag, things could get ugly.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer agrees, saying a "prime location" for Cousins awaits in the Vikings. Meanwhile, the Redskins and other team work out a trade agreement.

If the Redskins decide to tag Cousins, it could also turn out to be a huge fiasco, and not just for Washington.

They do not need a chunk out of the old rear-end.

The player's union, according to former National Football League executive Andrew Brandt, could file a grievance against the Redskins if Cousins is tagged.

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