Drake Breaks Records in His Live Stream Gaming Debut

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17 March, 2018

The sudden announcement on Twitter surprised many fans, who stayed up late that night to catch the stream.

Well past midnight on the East Coast, more than half a million people were watching Ninja and Drake play a game called Fortnite, which has become something of a phenomenon over the past couple of months.

As luck would have it, even Drake found out who Ninja was during the streamer's "only in 2018" rise to fame, and they ended up playing Fortnite together on the same stream. He has over 3 million followers on the platform, Engadget reports, with 160,000 of them being paid subscribers. A month! Not bad for playing video games and having blue hair. Wednesday night, Drake teamed up with pro-gamer Tyler Ninja Blevins, rapper Travis Scott, and Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster to create a star-studded team.

The previous record of viewers was 388,000 set by famous Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect.

"Bless me with the hands", Travis told Drake. Ninja may be the new king in town, but don't be surprised to see new Twitch streaming records soon. Dropped into the map with very few resources, players are forced to scavenge, kill, and build their way to becoming the last person standing. Here's thedirect link to watch the live stream.

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What happens when an enormously popular musician teams up with an enormously popular video-game streamer?

Drake isn't content to just break music records anymore. It's possible that the same game my friends and I are playing in could have Drake or Ninja hopping around, though they'd kill us easily.

Fortnite Battle Royale's weapons allow a lot of opportunity to have some fun and dispatch your enemies in creative ways.

Twitter exploded as Drake and Ninja were trending in the States and worldwide. With this much mainstream attention, from casuals and hardcores alike, it really shouldn't be surprising that Ninja (and "Fortnite") crossed Drake's radar.

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