Massena, Potsdam Taking Part In March for Our Lives

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24 March, 2018

Danielle Laatsch is a military spouse, who is well-traveled and previously lived and worked in the Washington D.C. area.

Besides Scranton, several other communities including Stroudsburg, Milford, Hazleton, Bloomsburg, Lewisburg and Williamsport are all planning local events Saturday according to the national "March For Our Lives" website.

2018 has already been a stressful year in regards to gun violence.

People interested in joining the marches are asked to register early.

Under the banner #Enough and #NeverAgain, Stoneman Douglas students the next day announce plans to organize a nationwide protest for gun control, the "March For Our Lives". Instead of speaking out against them, she sues those who choose to call her out. Also, she has a view from the inside, as a volunteer in the library at N.B. Cook Elementary School. "When we go home, we're still going to be fighting for this". Her parents spoke and said Carmen was a straight A student and a National Merit Finalist, although the award came too late.

"These kids aren't saying 'Lets just take everybody's guns away, '" says Coy. They have also partnered with well-funded liberal groups such as Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun control advocacy group founded by former NY mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

It's empowerment now she and others want to turn into political power later.

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Zaragoza also said that Mr. Reese [BHS's principle] said that the moment of silence was a way that they could participate, and that he said, "as a school we should do that, either way".

While at first Bailey thought it was different that a piano tuner wanted to get involved, she quickly dismissed the thought. If you have done these two things but still feel as if you can help more, call your elected officials and tell them to safely act in regards to gun reform. We need health care. "We can not allow one more family to wait for a call or text that never comes".

Change. Something people have been talking about ever since the Parkland shooting.

A few students, who attend Strawberry Crest High School, raised roughly $11,000 for the trip. Lauderdale. "I want to see safer schools".

With these young student activists leading the way and gaining momentum, Laatsch is hopeful. "It's like I'm not doing enough; what I saw what the Parkland students were doing, I'm like, this is my time to really do something about this", he said.

For updates on Laatsch's experience, check out her blog.

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