Putin praises Trump but pans United States politics

Putin praises Trump as 'balanced,' says US political system is 'eating itself up'
Putin: 'I have no disappointment at all' with Trump

10 March, 2018

Although he lavished praise on the president, Putin was not at all complimentary about American politics, because "it has demonstrated its inefficiency and has been eating himself up".

"It's quite hard to interact with such a system, because it's unpredictable", Putin said.

Tugenhadt, a former soldier who is now Tory MP for Tonbridge and Malling, said Russian Federation was a lovely country but Vladimir Putin and his "whole apparatus of thieves and mafia dons" had turned it into a "Mafia empire".

"It's possible to negotiate with him, to search for compromises", Putin said during an interview with Russian state television, the Associated Press reported. Nothing has changed since you and I talked last time in St. Petersburg [June 2017].

Asked jokingly by the interviewer if he was trying to recruit the women, the KGB veteran responded by saying: 'No, I stopped dealing with that a long time ago'.

Putin has dismissed allegations that his government meddled in the U.S. election in order to get Trump elected as something "invented" by Trump's opponents.

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Mueller has been investigating Russia's activities in the USA election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with it.

Putin blamed the West for raising tensions, citing what he called efforts to contain and weaken Russian Federation.

"The idea of import substitution itself is not universal and is not what we should strive for eventually", Putin said, noting that import substitution should not undermine competition.

'Few expected us to act so quickly and so resolutely, not to say daringly, ' Putin said. "There was no word, conversely, there was the complete support of those who committed the coup d'état", Putin claimed. Moscow has denied any involvement.

"Yes, it will mean a global catastrophe for mankind, for the entire world. This is also fantastic, just like the weapons I mentioned yesterday [on March 1 in the State of the Nation Address - TASS]", the head of state said.

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