Walmart And Dick's Will No Longer Sell Guns To People Under 21

AR 15  Credit creative commons
AR 15 Credit creative commons

03 March, 2018

In direct response to the Parkland school shooting, Stark said he realized Dick's Sporting Goods, which was founded by Stark's father in 1948, was "part of the story" after purchasing records revealed the sporting goods retail legally sold a gun to Nikolas Cruz, the suspected Parkland shooter, in November.

The vast majority of Dick's business is selling sporting goods like basketballs and sneakers.

In the wake of the February 14 shootings, Dick's announced Wednesday that it no longer would sell semiautomatic, assault-style rifles at any of its stores, including four in Maine.

The Parkland, Florida shooting that killed 17 people at a high school has sparked a national debate on gun control.

One industry analyst said that other retailers that devote a small percentage of their business to hunting will probably follow suit.

Nicholson and his family own Area 51 Gun and Ammo Shop where they make custom AR-15 riffles here in Dothan. "Come on people!" another man wrote.

"We are not a firearms rights organization per se", he said.

Carson's Firearms says they have mixed feelings about the corporate changes.

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Walmart made a similar announcement later Wednesday, saying it would restrict customers under 21 from buying guns. They say that they're doing this as a publicity stunt which shouldn't be the case because now they are losing money from not selling the weapons to the public.

News 10 also reached to Academy Sports but have not heard back. More students attended a CNN town hall where they blasted the NRA and Florida lawmakers, including Sen. "Incremental change is always better".

"That's one of the big misconceptions out there", said Visser, lead instructor of the firearms training division at Silver Bullet.

The move comes the same day that Dick's Sporting Goods announced it would no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21 and said it would stop selling assault-style weapons. "We will update our processes as quickly as possible to implement this change". The outlets also pointed out that it is unclear what percentage of gun sales are the AR-15 rifle, which information was not released by Dick's Sporting Goods.

Ricky Crenshaw, another Dick's customer, agreed with the age restrictions and also that the implications of the ban would see some people buy their guns from sellers with fewer regulations.

We never have and never will sell bump stocks that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly. Walmart has taken their policy a step further by also pulling all Airsoft guns that resemble "modern sporting rifles" from their website and stores.

"We believe that it is the job of companies that manufacture and sell guns and ammunition to work towards common sense solutions that prevent the type of violence that happened in Florida last month", REI said in a statement.

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