Confusion over recent shooting in Saudi royal palace

Drone near Saudi palace shot down, sparking coup fears
Saudi Arabian security forces shoot down toy drone near royal palace

24 April, 2018

Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry on Sunday instructed drone enthusiasts to obtain permission to fly the devices until regulations were finalized, a day after security forces shot down a recreational drone near the king's palace in Riyadh.

The report said a remote-controlled toy aircraft was flown into a security cordon in the Khuzama neighborhood of the city.

The Saudi authorities claimed that the altercation was caused by the drone flying too close to the king's residence, thus prompting the security forces to shoot it down.

There was no information of where the king was.

An unidentified senior Saudi official was quoted as saying by Reuters that King Salman was not at his palace at the time of the incident.

One video showed two police cars parked in the middle of a dark street.

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The authenticity of the videos could not be verified.

Asked about the footage, the official said the drone had been shot down, and added that the government would introduce regulations for the use of recreational drones.

The 32-year old prince has also overseen a major military shake-up and royal purge as he consolidates power much beyond wielded by previous rulers.

Since 2009, all-women fitness clubs that are not under the supervision of a government hospital or clinic, were closed down after leading Saudi Arabia's clerics have condemned the gyms and clubs for "shamelessness".

Riyadh and Tehran are locked in a decades-long struggle for supremacy that is being waged in several countries, including Yemen.

As local and worldwide media celebrated the opening of Saudi Arabia's first ever cinema, the Kingdom carried out the 47th execution of 2018 by beheading.

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