Cuba Marks World Health Day with Great Achievements

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09 April, 2018

TODAY is the 70th anniversary of World Health Day, and this year the World Health Organisation's focus is on Universal Health Coverage.

"No one should get sick and die just because they are poor, or because they can not access the health service they need", said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a message ahead of the annual April 7 observance, which is the foundation day of the now 70 year old UN's health agency.

The IMA also conducted blood donation camp at Anurag Hospital here as part of the World Health Day events.

Naveen said: "I am glad to announce the launching of Nirmal - a scheme to strengthen sanitation, security and other supportive services at public health institutions, Sampurna Surakshya Kabacha - another scheme to provide mothers and newborns kits for all cases of institutional delivery, Sunetra - a programme to provide free universal eye health care to all and Sahaya - for free dialysis services".

Countries that invest in Universal Health Coverage (UHC) make a sound investment in their human capital. In recent decades, UHC has emerged as a key strategy to make progress towards other health-related and broader development goals. According to the WHO, at least half of the world population has no coverage for essential health services, and almost 100 million persons live with a dollar and 90 cents a day, or less, because they must pay an ever costlier medical attention.

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Some countries have already made significant progress towards UHC.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres also issued a message for World Health Day calling for health for all.

Throughout 2018, we aim to inspire, motivate and guide Universal Health Coverage (UHC) stakeholders to make commitments towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Get the tools you need to raise awareness and help advance universal health coverage for everyone everywhere.

At least half the world's people do not receive the essential health services they need.

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