'Fearless Girl' Statue Moving to NY Stock Exchange

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#N12BK: 'Fearless Girl' statue moving

22 April, 2018

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday that the statue, which has stood its ground against Charging Bull at Bowling Green since March of previous year, will be installed in front of the Exchange, three blocks away.

The bronze statue will be moved to a new location facing the New York Stock Exchange by the end of the year.

Thomas Farley, president of the New York Stock Exchange, said in the same statement that the exchange would be a "fitting home" for "Fearless Girl".

Fearless Girl, which was designed by the American sculptor Kristen Visbal, was commissioned by State Street, a $2.8 trillion investment adviser, to mark International Women's Day in March previous year.

State Street Global Advisors commissioned sculptor Kristan Visbal to create the work for a one-week stay in commemoration of International Women's Day.

The showdown between "Fearless Girl" and the "Charging Bull" is coming to a close.

She stared down the iconic "Charging Bull" of Wall Street - and now she could make it move. "Fearless Girl" has starred in countless selfies and photos, with tourists and New Yorkers alike.

Since the construction of "Fearless Girl", more than 150 companies added a female director to their board, according to State Street Global Advisors Chief Cyrus Taraporevala, ABC News reported.

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"The Bull will nearly certainly be moved and will very likely wind up reunited with Fearless Girl", de Blasio's spokesman, Eric Phillips, wrote on Twitter.

Kristen Visbal, the sculptor, told CNNMoney she is "thrilled" that the statue will remain in New York City.

"I put it there for art", Di Modica previously said.

Arturo Di Modica installed his Charging Bull sculpture in the financial district in the late 1980s, putting the large statue in place overnight, without a permit.

Others were troubled by the origins of "Fearless Girl", arguing that the statue's feminist message was little more than an attempt by State Street Global Advisors to cover up a spotty record on pay equity.

Besides, "Fearless Girl", he said, wasn't a honest feminist call to action so much as it was an "advertising trick".

"The mayor felt it was important that the "Fearless Girl" be in a position to stand up to the bull and what it stands for", said Eric Phillips, the mayor's press secretary.

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