Mail bomb assassin, 83, becomes oldest inmate put to death in US

Aging death row Is executing old or infirm inmates cruel
Alabama executes oldest US inmate in modern times

21 April, 2018

In December 1989, Moody mailed a parcel with a bomb - a steel pipe, smokeless powder and 80 finishing nails - to the suburban Birmingham, Alabama home of Robert Vance Sr, who had only considered Moody's appeal when it was before the full court.

"He believed the Democratic Party should be open and not be the party of George Wallace and the Dixiecrats", LaPierre said.

Walter Leroy Moody, scheduled to be executed at the William seen in this undated Alabama Department of Corrections photo.

Moody killed two people in December 1989 using package bombs.

Zeigler said Moody's long period on death row also meant taxpayers had to foot the bill for his room, board and medical expenses. And in a sign of how death row populations are aging amid a nationwide decline in executions, Moody became the eighth inmate older than 65 put to death since the beginning of 2015.

The prisoner named Walter Moody was convicted in a bombing case in 1989.

Although Moody was found guilty on scores of federal charges, his execution was punishment for a 1996 state court conviction for the murder of Judge Robert Vance Sr of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Moody replaced John Nixon, who was 77 when subjected to departure at December 2005 at MS, as the oldest person executed because the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, which tracks U.S. money punishment. A device linked to Moody killed Robert E Robinson, a black civil rights lawyer from Savannah, Georgia.

Moody maintained his innocence, and his attorneys argued in court filings and a clemency petition to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey that his age and vein condition would make lethal injection more hard. Two other mail bombs were later intercepted and defused, including one at an NAACP office in Jacksonville, Florida.

"The murder of Judge Vance was unprovoked and inexcusable".

Moody, who attended law school and apparently resented that he could not practice, maintained his innocence. On Thursday, the judge's son acknowledged that his father had expressed reservations about executions. "Had my Dad been murdered, I would want to know who had done it", Moody wrote. The nation's high court had no comment on those last-minute appeals Thursday.

The court is expected to rule later whether the execution plan can proceed.

Moody's attorneys filed clemency petition to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, arguing that his age and vein condition would make lethal injection more hard. Prosecutors said Moody felt the conviction had ruined both his life and career. Moody's appeals finally came to a rightful end. "Justice has been served", Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said in a statement.

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