Students To Walk Out In Memory Of Columbine Shooting

Students Plan To Walk Out Of Class On Columbine Shooting Anniversary
Thousands of students across North Texas are expected to walk out of school Friday on Columbine anniversary

22 April, 2018

At Cleveland Charter High School in Reseda, hundreds of students gathered in the campus quad for a voter-registration drive and to call on government leaders to act on gun control.

The walkouts are expected at 10 a.m. on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting, which left 12 students and one teacher dead, in addition to the two gunmen. Komitas says that "students who chose to leave class while it was in session today will receive discipline the same as any other day". Many colleges and universities have released statements saying that disciplinary action for protests may not be counted against students who have been accepted, and Pomp said that action eases her mind about any potential punishment. A large number of state troopers were also on hand. They said it was up to the students if they wanted to participate in the walkout, and they are not aware of any students facing consequences.

More than 2,700 walkouts were planned on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting.

Demonstrators will demand gun control and legislation created to prevent mass shootings in schools.

She says it made students at Neville want to walk too.

Student at James Madison Memorial High School also protested Friday.

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"I have little siblings who are in school right now, and I just want them to be safe".

"Lawmakers are relying on us to forget about this to get bored, to get exhausted, to move on to the next thing, and i think if we want to see actual change that's something we can't do", Saidi said.

"You know that happens in a lot of movements, it's something where people gradually lose interest, gradually forget about it", said walkout organizer and Hickman senior Catherine Saidi. "Our students are passionate about school and safety and we supported them in their efforts [Friday]".

The protests follows the national student walkouts in March. The superintendent and high school principal could not be reached Thursday or Friday to specify what that alternative was.

"People are dying every day and this isn't OK - and this shouldn't be something we just grow up just being the usual", she added.

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