Elon Musk's LA tunnel is nearly finished - and he's offering fre

The Boring Company recently confirmed that it plans to make “an insane amount of bricks” with the “excavated muck” it has from tunnel digging projects
Elon Musk Shows Off Almost Finished Boring Company Tunnel

12 May, 2018

The Boring Company is building tunnels under LA as a way of bypassing traffic completely, and the first one is nearly finished.

He said that, pending regulatory approval, the company will be offering free rides to the public within months.

In typical Musk fashion, he didn't release other details.

He envisions motorists' vehicles being lowered by elevators into tunnels and onto electric sleds that whisk them along to destinations.

Musk has said that the demo system rides will be free, with the full service tickets costing less than a bus ticket.

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The company has sought a permit for a 2.7-mile tunnel in busy West Los Angeles, but its overall vision includes a 60-mile tunnel network that would be one of the largest subway networks in the United States. The camera flies backward through the tunnel, passes a few workers, stops at a complicated set of traffic lights, then thrusts forward again and pans to the logo of the Boring Company, the firm Musk founded to build the tunnels.

"Super huge thanks to everyone that helped with this project", Musk said on Instagram.

Just over a year ago, Musk tweeted, "Traffic is driving me nuts".

Musk also thanked everyone who supported him throughout the project including the public, elected officials and regulators.

Elon Musk has shaken up the world in a variety of ways recently, from Tesla's impressive electric truck to the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy by SpaceX, which itself had a Tesla Roadster inside.

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