Macron's EU: Most Germans support reforms... to a point

Macron to Merkel: 'Don't wait, act now' for Europe
Macron's EU: Most Germans support reforms... to a point

11 May, 2018

Trump has also warned European companies to pull out of Iran or face sanctions.

Germany, France and Britain will "do everything" to ensure that Iran remains in the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed Wednesday, a day after the USA pulled out of the accord.

In a separate ARD poll, the German chancellor's party still appeared to have the most support in Germany, with 35 percent of Germans saying they would vote for the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) if an election was held this Sunday. "And we did it with full knowledge of the facts".

That dispute follows other disagreements between the European Union and the United States since Mr Trump became president.

Le Drian insisted the Iran nuclear deal was "not dead". It's her latest retort to Trump, who this week withdrew the US from a nuclear accord with Iran that European powers say they will uphold.

President Trump's decision will further complicate the geopolitical situation around Iran.

Merkel condemned the rocket attack on Israeli positions during the conversation with Rouhani, her office said in a statement, "and called on Iran to contribute to deescalation in the region".

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Iranian forces fired some 20 rockets at northern Israeli military bases from southern Syria just after midnight on early Tuesday.

A spokesman for the prime minister told reporters, "We condemn Iran's attack on Israel".

French officials refrained from commenting on a German government that seemed to make a point of doubling down on fiscal discipline, taking pride in its ability to keep shrinking the country's debt load: It is now seen as falling below the 60-percent-of-GDP mark next year, versus more than 84 percent on average for the eurozone (and 96 percent for France).

Israel said it attacked almost all of Iran's military infrastructure in Syria after Iranian forces fired rockets at the Jewish state for the first time. "We call on Russian Federation to use its influence in Syria to prevent further Iranian attacks".

Merkel too underlined that Europe can no longer count on the United States. The December 2017-January 2018 mass demonstrations in different Iranian cities proved the growing discontent among the Iranian population.

"We also continue to call on Russian Federation to use its influence to press those in Syria to cease their destabilising activity and work towards a broader political settlement", he added. It will also strengthen the positions of foreign policy hardliners in Iran who argue that any negotiations with the United States are senseless, as Washington can't be trusted.

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