Trump Urges West Virginians Not to Vote for Don Blankenship

Kucinich and Cordray are top candidates in the Ohio Democratic primary for governor
Kucinich and Cordray are top candidates in the Ohio Democratic primary for governor

08 May, 2018

He has spent a year in jail and keeps talking about Mitch McConnell giving jobs to "China people" and McConnell wife Elaine Chao's "China family".

"Mr. Morrisey has been less than truthful about his involvement with the drug companies", Blankenship said, noting that an independent bid might be the most viable option in the general election race against current West Virginia senator Democrat Joe Manchin. "Problem is, Don Blankenship, now running for Senate, can't win the General Election in your State ..."

Trump encouraged West Virginia voters to support either Congressman Evan Jenkins or state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey over Blankenship.

The President adds his voice to the national Republicans who are anxious that Blankenship's upstart campaign could upend plans to run either Republican Rep. Evan Jenkins or Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who are seen as more electable, against vulnerable Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in the fall.

Now, 24 hours before West Virginians head to the polls, Donald Trump has finally put his thumb on the scales.

Blankenship is among six GOP candidates in Tuesday's primary.

"The President is a very busy man and he doesn't know me and he doesn't know how flawed my two main opponents are in this primary ..."

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Morrisey, one of the two beneficiaries of Trump's tweet, said he hasn't spoken to the president in the past few days, but nominating a Republican who can defeat Manchin is key.

Greg Thomas, a Blankenship spokesman, said, "Mr. Morrisey is just having a tantrum".

Blankenship said Trump doesn't know him, and blamed the Washington establishment for swaying the president against him. Jeff Flake, a frequent Trump critic and someone mentioned as a possible 3rd party candidate for president in 2020, hit Trump for that mentality in a tweet Monday.

Blankenship rejects the comparisons to Moore, which were amplified when the president urged voters Monday to "Remember Alabama". "Tomorrow, West Virginia will send the swamp a message-no one, and I mean no one, will tell us how to vote".

After trailing far behind Jenkins and Morrisey in polls, "he's back in the race and I wouldn't be surprised if he won". Not on what Blankenship has said or what he believes. Luther Strange - but when it became clear that Moore could well win despite the large number of women who came forward to say he had sought relationships with them when they were under age, Trump went all in for Moore. In January, Jenkins called on Morrisey to disavow Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist whose relationship with the president soured suddenly and dramatically earlier this year. "Trump's tweet opposing him could be the final ingredient for what every other surprise win has required this cycle". Trump endorsed Moore in that race.

Whether Trump and McConnell's opposition hurts Blankenship will be revealed Tuesday at the polls.

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