Where Has Taylor Swift Been? Source Reveals What She's Up To!

The person shared: " Taylor [Swift] is loving her break from social media.She enjoys being connected with her fans but she also struggles with the negativity and bullies that she deals with whenever she reads Instagram comments". The singer was apparently adamant that she won't be touring this year but did not specify a reason at that time, New York Daily News reports. However, the source did note that Swift's next big album is expected to drop by the end of the year.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Wants Bill O'Reilly Jailed

O'Reilly hasn't admitted any wrongdoing and said he settled for the sake of his family. Critics called for an advertiser boycott until O'Reilly was removed, and by Wednesday evening, over 30 advertisers publicly pulled ads from "The O'Reilly Factor ".

Sounds Of The 60s broadcaster Brian Matthew dies aged 88

A statement released on behalf of his family said the "beloved" Matthew died on Tuesday night. His family got in touch with the BBC to say he "remains critically ill". The statement added: "We will update with more information when we have it". As it happens, the BBC made a similar mistake last month. BRIAN Matthews has passed away at the age of 88.

On Equal Pay Day, Wyoming Still Lagging Behind

Women are still only earning 80 percent of what men make, and that gap widens significantly for women of color: In 2015, Hispanic and Latina women made only 54 percent of what white men make, while black women only made 63%, according to the AAUW .

'Game of Thrones' season 7 teaser out

According to FOX News , the rivalry for the highly-coveted Iron Throne have been revealed and the fans' excitement went through the roof with the latest "Game Of Thrones" Season 7 trailer. And all while Sit Down plays by James. Just when the trailer seems like it will end quietly, Cersei lets out a deep breath, and it is clearly visible.

Great War Looms in New 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Teaser

Jon Snow ( Kit Harington ) walks through the dark passageways of Winterfell , his ancestral castle that he won after a hard battle a year ago. Once installed in these command rooms, Games of Thrones , Kit Harington, Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke cast a glance that seems to announce that the war is indeed declared.

Hangover actor get punched by scared kangaroo

Comedian Mike Epps has apologized for bringing a kangaroo onstage at one of his shows - a kick in the shins to Twitter users who have been slamming it as animal abuse. He wrote that the animal belonged to licensed zookeepers. Epps defended the stunt in a social media message that has been deleted. Theses guys are license zoo keepers! The actor posted an apology to Instagram , admitting he had made a mistake and promised he'd be "donating money" to a foundation called Save The Kangaroos.

North Carolina hopes 'bathroom bill' deal saves NCAA events

The ACC announced that it would once again consider North Carolina in a release Friday afternoon. "Once again, the North Carolina General Assembly has enshrined discrimination into North Carolina law". CNN is reporting that North Carolina's Greensboro Coliseum Complex lost over $72,000 when the Atlantic Coast Conference chose to relocate the 2017 ACC Swimming and Diving Championships.

Match Previews: Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion

West Brom were the eighth side to leave Old Trafford with a share of the spoils this season, securing a 0-0 draw against a United side that once more failed to translate dominance into clear-cut chances. Mourinho, whose side face Everton on Tuesday, said he "cannot be happy to play in two days without options", with his selection choices having been hit by both injuries and suspensions.

Ghost in the Shell

As terrorism peeks to somewhat Orwellian standards where people's minds are invaded and then controlled, Major Mira fights to stop it, only to realize she's been a victim the whole time. She wasn't turned into this soldier because she was about to die; she was about to die because somebody wanted to turn her into a soldier. It may be facing backlash over concerns about whitewashing, but the show must go on - and, on Wednesday, it did.

John Legend surprises London commuters with mini-concert

The dad-of-one cheekily tweeted that he was arriving at London's St Pancras Station, and asked, "Do they still have that piano there?" You couldn't mistake these dulcet tones as Legend captivated keen fans with his hit song Ordinary People .

Adele May Never Tour Again

The British singer told fans at a concert in Auckland that she was not good at touring - and even acknowledged she feels "vulnerable" on stage, according to the New Zealand Herald . That's pretty cut-and-dried. To be frank, her identity as a touring musician never seemed integral to her overall career as a performer. "I just spent two hours in hair and makeup", she quipped to concertgoers.

White House releases 2005 Trump tax info ahead of TV report

With huge numbers of viewers tuned in because of her earlier tweet that she had obtained President Donald Trump's tax returns, she talked. and talked. He said NBC News was part of the "deep state" looking to undermine Trump's presidency. She had uncovered Trump's tax returns. Sources of income could show ties to Russia, China or foreign banks.

Young girl badly burned making homemade slime

Her mom and dad were startled to see their daughter's hands were covered in blisters and immediately took her to the hospital. Last month, mom blogger Carolyn West shared her daughter's experience at This Talk Ain't Cheap , explaining that her slime-obsessed child's illness, which included headaches, sore throat, and general discomfort, refused to abate - until West and her husband curbed their kid's favorite pastime: making slime.

The First Official 'Justice League' Trailer is Finally Here

Although he was killed off in Batman v Superman, the Man Of steel is widely thought to come back from the dead in Justice League . Justice League has been one of the most awaited movies for DC fans who were left a little disappointed with the last Batman vs Superman movie.

Colin Dexter, author of Inspector Morse, dies aged 86

Publisher Pan Macmillan said Dexter died Tuesday at his home in Oxford, southern England. Dexter's books also inspired the TV prequel Endeavour , with Shaun Evans as the young Morse , and Lewis, the sequel starring Whately. Yesterday tributes poured in to the writer, who began penning the first Morse book - Last Bus to Woodstock - during a rainy holiday in Wales in 1972.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Will Not End With A Cliffhanger

When you still have light to share, that's just who you are. As she disappeared from sight gunfire could be heard and both fans and Rosita were left fearing the worst. I always found it hard getting close to anyone. Two seasons later, in the latest episode of Walking dead season 7, which aired in the U.S. on 19 March, one major character subtly revealed his sexuality during one of his emotional conversation with Maggie .

US, global partners wrestle over trade stance

Two European officials described Mnuchin as friendly but "tough". "Having said that, we want to re-examine certain agreements". They also said the US delegation at the G-20 was routinely checking back with its counterparts in Washington on certain issues, leading some Europeans to wonder with whom they were negotiating, Mnuchin or Trump.

Ranking The Main Characters Of Marvel's Iron Fist

Still, whatever happens then, for now fans may finally have a reason to be interested in Iron Fist again. But then you think about it some more , and that pity hardens into frustration. Over the course of somewhere between a few weeks and a couple of months, Joy Meachum has found a long-lost childhood friend, tried to help her brother battle a drug addiction, been fired from the company her father co-founded, was betrayed by her brother, found out her long-dead father was actually alive ...

Kim Kardashian Offers Her Theory On The Paris Robbery

The criminals stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry, including a $4 million ring Kardashian West had been showing off on social media after first debuting it at the MTV Video Music Awards in August. In an extended preview, which aired on US breakfast show Today on Wednesday, Kim insists it wasn't a coincidence the thugs picked an evening she was home alone, without security, admitting her social media posts may have helped them determine the best time to strike, as her sisters Kourtney ...

Jeans With Windows For Your Knees Are Now A Thing

Mom jeans are back. just this time they have see through, clear knees. But one snarky reviewer says the jeans are also "a successful resolve to the conundrum of maintaining your knee tan". I just place him in my lap and any spit up rolls right off my knees! "The vehicle wash clear plastic knee mom jeans are a quick trend that you would probably wear a couple of times".

Corey Graves: "AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon does absolutely nothing for me"

So last night, AJ Styles flew off the handle and put Shane-O Mac's Head-O Mac through a auto window. But he wasn't done quite yet. AJ Styles attacked Shane McMahon backstage and threw him through a auto window. Mojo Rawley defeated Dolph Ziggler via countout after getting thrown over the top rope three times. After a controversial battle royal a few weeks ago to decide a new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania , AJ Styles would be put into a one-on-one match with ...

Jennifer Lopez Rumored to be Dating Alex Rodriguez

It was recently revealed that the two 'have been seeing each other for a few months'. However, JLo is against threesomes and role-playing is also something she wouldn't like to do. On the romance front, JLo is now dating Alex Rodriguez . "Genuinely, did you get with Drake cause you didn't know me yet?" asked Noah . We would have loved to see what she had to say about that.

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez: How Serious Is Their Relationship?

A few weeks ago, J. Lo talked about the never-ending Drake dating rumors. When Lopez appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", last month she did not speak up about her relationship with Drake despite all persuasive queries from the host.

Will Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks take on Pentagon Papers movie?

Steven Spielberg seems ready to do that with his latest project, a drama about The Washington Post's involvement in the 1971 release of the Pentagon Papers . President Donald Trump after she criticised him for belittling a disabled journalist at the Golden Globes in January. The study, which revealed unreported details about an escalation of troops and bombings in what looked to be an unwinnable war, was leaked to the New York Times by military analyst Daniel Ellsberg .

Look at this adorable snap of baby Dream Kardashian and her cousins!

Alongside a picture of Kim cradling baby Dream , the reality TV star wrote: "Hey attractive girl". He has not got over her, and can not look after Dream . There are rumors that Rob Kardashian is in a complete mess, as he is not dieting or exercising, and has taken to drinking and smoking pot all over again.

Han Solo Spinoff Movie Casts Michael K. Williams

Michael K. Williams is perhaps best known as Omar Little in the hit HBO drama, " The Wire ", but he's also gained popularity as Albert "Chalky" White on the TV show, " Boardwalk Empire ". Slated for a May 25, 2018 release , the Han Solo spinoff movie (currently in production) is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller ( The LEGO Movie ) from a screenplay by the father-and-son duo of Lawrence and Jon Kasdan.

Lorde Returns With Her New Single and Music Video for "Green Light"

Fellow pop stars have taken to Twitter to cheer Lorde on for her new material, including Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, who exclaimed "yus kween" and "incredible", respectively. Titled 'Green Light' , the tune features Lordes signature oaken vocal tones backed by an EDM flavoured beat, which contrasts the minimalist style of the tunes of her award-winning debut Pure Heroine.

Dave Chappelle Has Two Netflix Specials Releasing This Month

The two that are dropping later this month were actually recorded prior to the Netflix deal at Austin City Limits Live and The Hollywood Palladium, while the third is an all-new special that Chappelle will record this year. Will you be checking out the Chappelle specials? Now, soon has a date that is circled with a big red marker on my calendar and I can't wait to see what Chappelle will have us laughing and thinking about in them.

Adele isn't happy after Australian media ruined her show surprise

The off-the-shoulder silhouette is unique for Adele , who has famously shunned the pop-star tradition of changing outfits multiple times during performances in favor of wearing one dress, and one dress only, during her tour. We're loving Adele's growing army of impersonators. Adele proudly told fans: "I finally made it; it's taken me 10 years". Feminem was even fearless enough to ask the superstar if she could perform for her.