ATTENTION: McDonald's is bringing Szechuan sauce back for one day only

The sauce immediately became famous after appearing on the hit comedy TV show Rick and Morty . At the time, Roiland shared a photo of the half-gallon, enthusiastically announcing to his followers that "we f--ing did it" in his caption. In other words, it still won't be easy to get your hands on the sauce. Of course, it hasn't even been 24 hours since the season finale of Rick and Morty and I'm already starting to go into withdrawal.

Venom movie: Michelle Williams in talks to join cast

One character Williams could be playing is Anne Weying, Eddie Brock's ex-wife who later bonds with the symbiote to become She-Venom. Sony wouldn't comment, but sources say talks are underway. As a result, you have a creature with all of Venom's powers, but none of Eddie Brock's (admittedly limited) morals and scruples. Considered one of Spidey's greatest enemies, Venom made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #300.

Kylie Jenner's Due Date for First Pregnancy Is in February!

He's reportedly even told friends that they're having a girl - that means KJ has to be at LEAST 12 weeks pregnant. According to TMZ , Kylie Jenner is expecting her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott . She also faced pregnancy rumors when she was dating Tyga . Back during the summer , a Los Angeles-based photographer who once shot photos of the late Tupac Shakur hit Kylie and her sister Kendall with a copyright infringement lawsuit over their now defunct T-shirt line.

Watch America's Got Talent season 12 finale online

If you've followed Darci's act you'll know that she performs with Oscar and Petunia. "I am literally the happiest girl in the World and nothing can take that away!", she posted on Instagram following her Finals performance. Simon Cowell called it the "perfect tribute", adding , "Your voice was lovely, your song was handsome and I'm very proud of you for what you've just done".

How Sanders, the GOP are both trying to kill Obamacare

It is unclear if the GOP will have the needed 50 votes in the Senate before the deadline to pass the bill. He added: "I hope Republican Senators will vote for Graham-Cassidy and fulfill their promise to Repeal & Replace ObamaCare ". The intention to introduce the bill to the floor likely means that the GOP is close to the necessary votes - and that McConnell may be pressuring some wavering members.

Southampton Premier League - 16 September 2017

However, at the time Bristol were mired in financial trouble and Hodgson lasted four months in the job before being dismissed after a poor run of results. So far this season, he's looked off-colour. "That would be special because I am a Croydon boy and didn't leave here until I was 24 years of age". "It's a question what you do going forward".

Angelina Jolie wishes kin to be a part of showbiz

The sequel of the Disney movie will mark Jolie's first onscreen appearance since the 2015 film " By the Sea ". "I hope they're being raised to see the value of diversity, the value of other people ", Jolie said. But while I thought they ultimately fell short, I found a lot to like in movies like Unbroken and By the Sea . That is and will remain one of the wonderful opportunities we are able to give our children ...

Saakashvili "Triumphantly" Returns to Ukraine

SHEHYNI, Ukraine (Reuters) - Former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili and a crowd of supporters barged past guards to enter Ukraine from the Polish border on Sunday after a prolonged standoff between Saakashvili and the Ukrainian authorities.

Iger Elaborates on Steaming Service Plans, Marvel and Star Wars Will Join

Netflix played down the effect of Disney's announcement, and said it would continue to do business with Disney globally, including its relationship with Disney's Marvel TV. Investors may have sold because Iger said earnings per share for this fiscal year will be similar to the level for the year that ended on October 1, 2016.

Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx's Go Public With Their Relationship

Another thing Foxx will undoubtedly raise is more questions about his dealings with Holmes, because although the source said they weren't serious, both of them were seen by the paparazzi wearing gold bands on their fingers , which of course caused a lot of chatter.

Williams leads American charge at US Open

The way in which Kvitova turned up to compete with a fairly limited range of movement in her playing hand was a sure sign of her courage and determination to move forward from the injury. 3 seed Muguruza, 4-1. In the TV interview after her quarterfinal win, Williams said she planned to come out in her next match "as aggressive as possible".

Dead in Ongoing Clashes in Myanmar's Rakhine State

Dhaka, Aug 28 Bangladesh today protested Myanmar's description of Rohingya militants as "Bengal terrorists" and said none of its citizens have crossed the border to carry out such activities. While Asean members continue, disappointingly, to turn a blind eye, even Pope Francis has condemned the renewed violence and called for an end to the persecution of Rohingya Muslims, which Centhra welcomes.

Sen. Jeff Flake downplays feud with President Trump

In discussing Trump's border wall after the hearing, Flake pointed out that he supported an ultimately unsuccessful 2013 measure that would have provided money for hundreds of miles of fencing and increased the number of agents serving in the U.S.

Set Photos From AVENGERS 4 Potentially Reveal Some Major Spoilers

As Screen Rant reports, Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr ) has a new chest reactor on his shirt, while his love interest, Pepper Potts ( Gwyneth Paltrow ), can be seen wearing a ring on her ring finger. Even if more and more stars are added to the cast of " Avengers: Infinity War ", recently, veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson said he will not be appearing as Nick Fury in the first and second " Avengers: Infinity War ".

Taylor Swift Ends The Suspense & Announces Her New Album 'Reputation'

In addition, Swift also announced that the full Reputation album will be hitting stores on November 10th. The first single from the album is out on Thursday night. The use of a snake calls back to Swift's previous feuds with her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris and with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian .

Here's the Official Star Wars Battlefront II Starfighter Assault Gameplay Trailer

The whole point of the trailer is to highlight the Starfighter Assault multiplayer mode, but similar gameplay will also find its way into the game's much-vaunted single-player campaign. Battlefront II is scheduled to launch officially in November for Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 gaming consoles and PC. For example, we'll be able to play as characters and in areas from the original trilogy.

Day after Barcelona attack, two killed in stabbing incidents in Finland, Germany

The events took place around the adjoining squares Puutori and Kauppatori. A manhunt is underway as police search for what they described as "more perpetrators" in the city, suggesting there may have been a brawl or even mass attack. The attack happened at the commercial center of Turku , a port and university town of about 180,000 located two hours west of Helsinki. Police told reporters they could not confirm whether the assailant had shouted any words in Arabic, as some witness accounts ...

Final 'The Defenders' Trailer: The Only Way Out Of Here Is Together

She notices that the four heroes - Luke Cage ( Mike Colter ), Jessica Jones ( Krysten Ritter ), Daredevil ( Charlie Cox ) and Iron Fist ( Finn Jones ) - have formed a bond, but she promises that it's temporary. A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal - to save New York City. "NY is so densely populated". We wanted a show that appealed to everybody, so someone new doesn't find themselves with no idea what's going on, while we don't bore the hell out of fans.

Taylor Swift Testifies In Court Over DJ Who Allegedly Touched Her Inappropriately

Coomer called it a lie. Swift countersued , alleging sexual assault. Mueller has sued Swift, claiming he was falsely accused and lost his job. The singer, who was responding to questions from Mr Mueller's lawyer, added: "He stayed latched on to my bare ass cheek as I lurched away from him".

Taylor Swift wants case to serve as example to other victims

The photo featuring Taylor and Mueller was leaked online past year and features Muller's right hand hidden behind the pop star's lower back. "I am being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions and not mine", Swift added later.

YouTube Now Allows In-App Messaging and Sharing Features

Also, YouTube has also embedded a " Shared " tab at the bottom of the app that allows users to share the videos with their contacts and keep track of their conversations. Users can start one-on-one chats or group chats with up to 30 people, in which they can watch shared videos without leaving the thread. YouTube has announced that it is now rolling out its in-app direct messaging feature worldwide.

Any Democrats out there with the courage to call out Rep. Waters?

Host Paula Faris wanted to know if Waters was bothered that President Trump's conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Austraila were "illegally leaked," noting that the conversations were "confidential". She simply denied that part. Waters was asked by View co-host Joy Behar . "They're undermining him because they want to see him stopped, they want us to do something, not every president will be treated this way ".

Shinsuke Nakamura Wins Against John Cena, Face Jinder Mahal At WWE SummerSlam

Publicized as the "Fantasy coordinate" by SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan a week ago, the match was a touch disappointing however without a doubt had its minutes that would make the wrestling fans welcome the two stars. Owens took a swing and tried to punch AJ in the face, but he inadvertently knocked out the referee. Cena congratulated Jinder on getting into better shape and retaining the WWE Title at Battleground before challenging him to a match for the title at ...

Captain Marvel Will Be Fighting Skrulls in the '90s in Her Movie

Jackson's S.H.I.E.L.D. head honcho will have a part to play in Captain Marvel , but the SDCC panel revealed a new detail about his role. Captain Marvel and Ant-Man and The Wasp are early enough in development that no footage exists for either of them.

Wisconsin Republican Party outraises Democrats

Those latter numbers include Republican-leaning and Democratic-leaning independents, but nonetheless, it paints a peculiar picture of the likely electorate, albeit more than one year out from the next major slate of House and Senate races.

86-year-old arrested again for shoplifting, this time at Chamblee Walmart

Payne , featured in a 2013 documentary about her six-decade criminal career, had been deemed too ill to stand trial in Georgia for an alleged theft committed in 2015. The Jewelers' Security Alliance, an industry trade group, sent bulletins warning stores about her as early as the 1970s. "This doesn't fit into anything she has done before and we are going to look at the video and see what's going on, see if this is maybe forgetfulness", he added, according to WFAA , affiliated to ABC News.

Toronto actor Mena Massoud cast in Disney's live action remake of 'Aladdin'

Disney have yet to announce who'll play Jafar. Relative newcomer Mena Massoud and Power Rangers star Naomi Scott have booked a flight on a magic carpet ride. The company also confirmed actor Will Smith will play the role of the Genie . Will Smith has already been cast as the Genie. Massoud is a Canadian actor whose credits include the series " Jack Ryan ", " Open Heart " and " Saving Hope ".

Hearings begin on nominee for FBI director

Trump won't say whether Russian Federation alone meddled in the US election; Wray says he has "no reason whatsoever to doubt the assessment of the intelligence community" that Russian Federation did meddle. "Is your commitment to the law, or to the president who chose you?" That is because these are not normal times and Donald Trump is not a normal president.

Porte crashes out of Tour de France

Thomas began the day second in the general classification, 12 seconds behind his Team Sky team-mate Chris Froome, and his exit will come as a major blow for the three-times Tour victor. Three riders from the day's break - Movistar's Jesus Herrada plus Alexey Lutsenko and Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev of Astana - had crashed on the same corner as Thomas minutes before the peloton arrived.

Jon Watts Reveals The 'Spider-Man' Advice He Got From Marc Webb

The Amazing Spider-Man director was reluctant to offer any advice on how to handle a Spider-Man movie from behind the camera and recommended someone who Webb felt would give Watts better advice instead. The 21-year-old actor is now starring as the web slinger in "Spider-Man: Homecoming " - the first ever Marvel and Sony Pictures crossover - but revealed he won't be starring alongside Tom Hardy in Sony's upcoming movie, which is based on Spider-Man's greatest foe.